FCC Rules , Inventor Sets The Record Straight

Ferguson , Missouri , N.Y., New York , Detroit , Michigan are only microcosms of the state of racism in the nation.

ABFY SELLERS GROUP Founder sets the record straight on FCC Rules

The black female Internet inventor alleges that her claims to the Internet are not a joke or a “hoax” , but that she is being held back by blatant racism and oppression. Current FCC Rules are a violation of her Intellectual Property rights

Dorothy M. Hartman holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University in Biology and Physical Science Education and a Master’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry Education from the University of Pennsylvania . She worked as a Science Teacher for the City of Philadelphia , Pa. for about 24 years , 5 of those years spent working also as a Science Instructor in the Temple University Bio-Medical Sciences Program. She alleges that she is the black female internet inventor.

She held her own as a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania Her resume also includes having worked for Trenton , New Jersey Board of Education both as a Science Teacher and a member of its Science Curriculum Committee developing a Science curriculum for the schools Penn Transcript2 Other job experiences include working for the City of Philadelphia mostly in its summer youth employment programs, John Wanamaker Department Store in Sales and Gimbels Department Store in their Advertising Department for about 6 years . The latter is probably where she developed her interest in entrepreneurship . That and wanting to work from home to pay for very expensive medical therapy which she needed for rehabilitation around the age of 50 . Instead her health has declined under stress and her intellectual property as well as other property under jeopardy because of virulent racism and oppression .

The black female internet inventor claims a huge role in the invention of Internet 2 which is today’s modern Internet and her contributions influenced Internet timelines before these FCC Rules were even a consideration. Yet you will find no mention of her in Internet History . ” Ironically , because of the huge success of my invention being worth trillions of dollars to the economy , I am being intentionally discriminated against . This is in keeping with the institutionalized racism and historic position of the U.S. government aside from specific legislation passed to the contrary in holding back the advancement of colored people . The laws are on the books for the protection of minorities but they are not being enforced especially when it is politically expedient not to enforce them . Do the FCC Rules comply with the rule of law ?”

Inventor shares the release of a copy of her Brief for a Petition for Writ of Certiorari denied by the United States Supreme Court in November 2013 . The Appendix has been removed and portions have been blotted out to preserve privacy concerns. View the Brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court here .FCC Rules , Inventor Sets The Record StraightCopy of Petition for Writ of Certiorari .1Copy2 Petition for Writ of CertiorariCopy3 Petition for Writ of Certiorari

The Inventor filed the Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court to request overturn of the Federal Court of Appeals Decision to uphold U.S. Patent Office denial of a patent which she alleges was based on racism and fraud . That Opinion found here 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

Inventor emphatically states that whether or not a patent is granted that the modern day Internet was created as a result of her ideas to the Federal Government in 1990-1991 and that she deserves recognition and compensation . If the FCC Rules declare the Internet public utility , should she then receive compensation for her intellectual property under Eminent Domain ?Hartman Patent Application for Process Which led to Internet 2

After early retirement from teaching in 1990 due to illness and handicap – she tried her hand at entrepreneurship . She had already begun inventing around 1977 with her first patent granted in 1979 , a Safety Shield for Stoves and Ranges . A list of her patents and patent applications are listed below . After attending some courses at the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science while on Sabbatical in the late 1980’s , the inventor learned about the existing telecom industry including basic courses in computer language and some history of the industry .

She had a burgeoning career before having to retire early due to the onset of a debilitating illness at age 24 brought on by a near fatal bout of Asian flu and injury to her inner ear . She developed a functional nervous disorder and other complications but managed to teach for 25 years before retiring . Below are her patents , patent applications , and publications :

U.S. Patent No. 4155343 , Safety Device for Stoves and Ranges

U.S. Patent No. 6553589 , Infant Basket for Side Sleeping Support , previously self-filed in 1998 .

U.S. Patent Application No.11/003,123 Accessing Accessibility Method ( proposed transformation of previous telecommunication structures ), filed March 7, 2005
Published September 7 , 2006

U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/773,092 , Infant Auto Seat with Guards ,March 2004 , Previous self- filed patent application in 1998.

U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/878,310 Airplane Landing Pad with Fire Retardant

U.S. Patent Application : Method(s) to Scrub Greenhouse Gases from the Atmosphere , U.S. Application No.12/448,310
PCT Application 19, March 2007 , No. PCT/US2007/010293 , U.S. Application No.12/448,310 .

She had graduated from Penn State having just turned 21 years of age and in 1990 when she submitted proposals for ideas which resulted in today’s Internet was only aged 46 . She alleges that although impaired by a handicap that she was full of energy and turned her attention to inventing and trying to run a business from home . Thus the seeds of the modern day Internet , which some in the business refer to as Internet 2 were sown . The prior Internet ( 1 ) had hit a snag . The prior Internet which had consisted of mini “nets” adjunct to a common backbone referred to as the Arpanet and had an altogether different structure from the modern day Internet was defunct by 1989 and had been parked as the NSFnet – under the auspices and care of the National Science Foundation .

Enter Hartman’s ideas in 1990 . One of her proposals submitted through the SBIR or Small Business Innovation Research Program include the one listed above . Hartman submitted 3 similar proposals to 3 different federal government agencies , U.S. Small Business Administration , PA. Department of Commerce , and Benjamin Franklin Technology Center . The National Science Foundation is the ultimate recipient of entries to the Program. It . It is the NSF that reviews proposals , and decides grants and funding . She entered her proposals to obtain funding for her at own home-based online business , a prototype telecommunications services business .

She conceived ideas of how to work from home using telecommunications to provide services such as the exchange of goods , services , and information online . She shared these ideas and the immense benefits that it would have in building commerce and the economy- enabling both other businesses and consumers to participate . Hartman submitting her proposals to the government on how to change the structure and improve Telecom by Commercializing it is what led to the innovations which produced the modern day Internet . Although there was a form of Internet which insiders refer to as Internet 1 and based on the Arpanet had existed since 1969 , Hartman’s ideas were the catalyst which produced the changes resulting in Internet 2. She alleges that it was her intellectual property which essentially made the difference between a telecom industry that essentially had come to an end and the transformation which produced successful industries in technology and ecommerce that characterize the modern day Internet .

Although the Petition for Writ of Certiorari filed by the Inventor objecting to the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuits Opinion rendered March 8 , 2013 in Dorothy M. Hartman vs. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office , she has since filed a Petition for Writ of Mandamus in May 2014 which the Court is scheduled to consider in Conference on December 5 , 2014 . The update is that the U.S. Supreme Court denied the Writ of Mandamus and the Appeal that followed on February 23 , 2015 . The FCC ruling that the Internet is to become a Public Utility followed on February 26,2015 .

She has spoken out on Net Neutrality and she claims the FCC knows the facts about her claims and knew them when FCC Chaiman Wheeler established the FCC Rules . These FCC Rules regarding the Internet as a Public Utility should be scrutinized more keenly . Thus far , the Inventor alleges that the Justice System has let her down as facts and evidence in the form of affidavits , documents , and the event timeline in history support her claims .

She feels that she is being intentionally discriminated against because of her race and the intentional theft of her intellectual property by the oligarchs because the Internet is the most prolific , powerful and wealthy invention of the 20th century . Inventions are rarely created from scratch , but inventions and patents can also be granted for transformation [changing a thing from one state of being to another state of being ]. However as the events in Ferguson, Missouri and all around the country show , the rule of law does not mean much when the rights of Blacks are considered . Rather than Rule of Law , the rules regarding the Internet are apparently made up “as you go “ – in a rather ad hoc fashion to make the events fit the desired outcome . She alleges that this was her experience during the patent application prosecution for the Accessing Accessibility Process which when reduced to practice composes the modern day Internet .

She says , ” I rue the day that I ever shared my intellectual property with the government . That Patent Office has been a place where my ideas have been fraudulently handed over to corporations and I never receive any compensation . Just labeled “13” while they rob me of everything that I have worked for over a lifetime . Such is the state of civil rights in this nation . There may be more blacks on T.V. and a Black president who really is Biracial , but there is no justice nor truth for African-Americans . The new Jim Crow is fraud , hypocrisy, and flim-flam politics . Blacks disenfranchised today , Others tomorrow. “

She realized that the ability to provide such services could be a lucrative business but two things would have to happen – ordinary consumers ( as at that time less than 2% of the population owned computers ) would have to have access and the telecom network would have to be able to accommodate placing such transactions online . A network consisting of databases and users would have to built out . Hartman alleges that the National Science Foundation jumped on her ideas to rescue the failing telecom network based on the Arpanet which had become defunct . She alleges that in typical racist fashion she was discriminated against , denied funding , and dismissed . The rest is history as once the existing networks were restructured ( according to the template she set forth alleges Hartman ) – the Internet took off like a shot . First called the Information Superhighway as nicknamed by Al Gore , and later morphed into the Internet 2 and what everyone refers to today by one name , the “Internet”.

The black female internet inventor did not create the computer or even the original telecommunications network but she did create and present the ideas for a better , more successful Internet . Meanwhile because of the FCC Rules , the inventor continues to suffer abuse , violations of her civil and constitutional rights , and continued injustice .