Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming

The Obama administration with its first Black president has done absolutely nothing to help the outrageous injustice and abuses suffered by the true Internet Inventor

A Black woman right here in this Country is suffering – nevertheless Obama granted the 2015 Goldman Prize to Kenyan Environmental Activist Phylis Omido last evening at the White House


While congratulations are rightfully due to Ms. Omido and the Burmese recipient of these awards and it is good to know that the White House is at least recognizing the contributions of people of color to the world– this administration continues to be a silent and willing partner to the continued disrespectful and inhumane treatment of Ms. Hartman. These abuses continuing as an appeasement to corporate wealth and greed. Ms. Hartman is deeply disappointed in the hypocritical and lack luster policies of the Obama administration in dealing with critical issues of suffering in the Black community . Her websites are being held “captive” and kept offline by those who have become exceedingly wealthy because of the Internet and now consider themselves owners , aided by the federal government and the Obama administration ignoring the plight of the black inventor . Just asking policeman to wear cameras while there is a continuing slaughter of black men and in this case keeping a blind eye to the intellectual raping and degradation of a high achieving black woman is not worthy of the first black president of the United States – a country with a history of atrocities to black people .

Ms. Hartman , the true inventor of the Internet also contributed ideas to be researched on dealing with Climate Change back in 1984 to the National Science Foundation – which at that time rejected her proposals. Even after refining her inventive ideas for scrubbing offensive greenhouse gases from the atmosphere like excess carbon dioxide which contributes to the warming in the atmosphere and submitting them again in 2007 – see patent application # 12/448,310 at USPTO.gov – the government has dragged its feet on prosecuting the application . The Patent Application is now on an illegal HOLD of abandonment rendering that intellectual property like other intellectual property by Hartman to be illegally seized by the government or made available to corporations with more money and resources . Hartman alleges that now that Climate Change is coming to the foreground , that the federal government is again poised to steal her ideas to place them into the hands of major corporations or even the federal government itself as there are already rumors of “chem trails” which Hartman alleges may already be the government copying after some of her research ideas.

Her inventions and ideas even if credited to others by the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the U.S. Commerce Department has contributed more to the development of this country than any other inventor – even if done in such a way as to exploit her . This mass theft of her intellectual property without credit and compensation and no one being held accountable for the violation of her rights is totally unacceptable . Although there is a paper trail from her to federal government employees through the government programs SBIR and the NSF which prove that these ideas come from her – nevertheless the government continues to ignore her property rights and the Obama administration has been complicit with that . He opted instead to woo corporations that have profited from it by illegal takeover by the power of government without acknowledging her in anyway. This is wrong and it is unjust . Those are not reasons to deny her what is due and that is commendation and compensation .

Obama  Hypocrisy Overwhelming
Other inventions by Hartman

All of the fuss about Net Neutrality and a free and open internet is smoke and mirrors to distract the public from what is really going on and that is the conglomeration of mega internet companies , leaving consumers with little choice and the illegal regulatory taking of the intellectual property of a minority without compensation. Once the public utility kicks in the internet will not be so free when additional taxes are imposed on the public as utility fees .

Changing the Internet into a public utility supposedly for the public good was and is just a ruse to cover what has been going on in the background for the past 25 years . That is the illegal taking of the intellectual property of the Internet from a disabled black woman without Due Process . This is deliberate and intentional discrimination and is blatant violation of the civil and constitutional rights of a minority. If most jumped on board this so called Net Neutrality train to vent their racism on a black female inventor – then they made a huge mistake . Hartman’s writings and inventions have all been for the public good . What is happening with the country right now benefits only a few and is not for the public good. The inventor who has been vocal in fighting for her rights will continue as it is a matter of justice .

Smoke screens are constantly being thrown up about “keeping a free and open internet” which is a myth . The Internet has never been free or open as it has continuously been held by the government as its property and the technology and ecommerce communities have been enriched beyond their dreams by the billions of customers made available in the cyberspace market – a market created by Hartman’s invention . The government has held tight rein from everything from surveilance to trade practice agreements which have not fared well for the country. The TPP trade agreement which the Obama administration and others are trying to pass behind closed doors is another looming disaster for the 99% of the country. At the same time the technology and ecommerce companies have become millionaires and billionaires due to money made from the Internet- the injustice about the history and the true beginnings of the modern day internet has continued against its true inventor .


This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea . - Obama  Hypocrisy Overwhelming
This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea .
Graph shows that as the movement of data packets increased with more users , more Internet Providers were needed - Obama  Hypocrisy Overwhelming
Graph shows that as the movement of data packets increased with more users , more Internet Providers were needed

The graph above shows how and why Internet Providers grew after 1990. As the Internet grew and more users came online , the demand for Internet Service Providers and other support technology for the Internet increased . Further in the City of Philadelphia – the city in which the Inventor lives which is now trying to present itself as a Technology Center – again without a mere nod to the inventor whose innovative ideas made Technology what it is today.

Hartman says since 1990 with her contact with the federal government with her ideas on improving telecommunications which the government ran with while denying her funding to start a small business from home and giving all the credit for the success of the Internet to itself and those from the prior Internet based on the Arpanet – that her life has become a nightmare of attacks from slanderers and bigots spreading lies and rumors about her character trying to discredit her . The attacks include the trashing of her home and
automobile(s) and these abuses have been allowed to continue without justice and being swept under the rug while the federal government has continued its abuse of the patent application procedure and passed all this so called Net Neutrality legislation completely ignoring that the Internet has an Inventor .

“Injustice in regards to African-American property rights in my experience thus far is a)Your property is illegally seized by whatever means necessary b) You are denied Due Process in getting it back c) evidence and facts are excluded d) The process is carried out by procedural means to take away your rights while the truth is hidden again by procedure “, states Inventor.

All this is hidden while already huge corporations like Time -Warner and Comcast who now apparently seek the green light from the U.S. Justice Department to form a mega corporation which is rumored to take 57% of the Internet Provider market –leaving what choice for the American consumers . The Obama administration and the U.S. Justice Department have thus far ignored the plight of a black female who contributed inventions including the Internet totaling trillions of dollars into the American and world economies – upholding the notion themselves that ‘blacks are worthless and unfit to be compensated for great inventions ‘. ” It is both blasphemous and disgusting that in 2015 , African-Americans are still being treated as less than human beings and with a different standard .If my contributions are worth millions or billions of dollars , then that is what I expect to be paid . Not abused and robbed of everything that my family and I have worked for over a lifetime, says the Inventor.”

Recently an actor won an academy award for playing the role of Dr. Stephan Hawkins a really great theoretical physicist . Dr. Hawkins is a marvelous scientist and physics a marvelous field though a large part of it is still theory . Dr. Hawkins is completely disabled with the exception of being able to speak through a computer synthesizer . Dr. Hawkins is renown and respected as he should be .

Ms. Hartman does not hold a PhD but she does hold a Master’s degree in Science Education majoring in Biology and Chemistry , and she has contributed practical inventive designs that make billions of children across the planet safer , and an Internet that serves and enables billions of individuals and millions of businesses. She suffers from a disability which handicaps her created by injury caused by damage from severe illness and chronic health problems . Yet she is ridiculed , bullied , and remains without thanks and uncompensated . The primary differences are Ms. Hartman is African-American , female , and belongs to protected classes to which Dr. Hawkins does not belong . Her struggle for Justice regarding her legacy to what some consider to be the greatest invention of the 20th century and her dignity and right to be treated as a human being will continue.

This type of abuse of the law and democracy and discarding the rights of people should not be allowed in this country . The government could have and should have cleaned up its act regarding this inventor a long time ago . Even if a patent had not been granted , Ms. Hartman’s contributions have been so substantial as to warrant what should have been some kind of award or prize attributed to her . Yet she is being taken advantage of being dehumanized and criminalized because of the color of her skin and being ill and reclusive . She has special needs which drove her to the government in the first place seeking funding . Instead the government has betrayed her using her special needs as an excuse to dehumanize and degrade her . Because of race haters and a repressive injustice system which tries to cheapen Black life and dirty the reputation of black people no matter what the circumstances are . This type of greed and arrogance enabled by the wealth that those in the technology and ecommerce fields have amassed because of the Internet and a hypocritical adminstration that gives credence to it – she has instead become a scapegoat her rights sacrificed to corporations . The inventor will continue to fight for justice . Bookmark this blog and join her in Justice Watch regarding a so called free and open internet .

Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming
Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming
Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming
Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming
Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming

Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming

Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming