Beware The TPP Trojan Horse

TPP, the next Obama Administration trojan horse

Trade Pacific Partners another job sucking trade agreement

Although being discussed in secret without all of the facts known which appears to be the style of this administration – the information that has leaked about the TPP is that it is another trade agreement designed to take more American jobs . It will further weaken and erode the middle class , which is a disadvantage to the 99% and make the oligarchs (1%) even richer .There is a history of President Obama catering to corporations while preaching a populist message .

Practically before the last dance of President Obama’s inaugural ball , Hank Paulson had already rushed to the newly elected president with his sob story about Goldman-Sachs and the “poor” banks about to go under. President Obama bailed out the banks essentially giving them the keys to the treasury before he had had a chance to get his feet on the ground and evaluate the situation . That decision has been proven a run -away train that is driving the economy into the ground . Beware the TPP !

“There will be no drilling in the gulf by BP ” , the first position taken by the Obama administration . Uh , reverse that . ‘BP can drill in the gulf’. Results , the worst disastrous oil spill in the world. Ruining the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and compromising fish and shellfish industries and wildlife for years to come .

As regards Obamacare – was not universal health care introduced by Hillary Clinton many years back and enacted by Governor Mitt Romney in his state ? Universal health care is not new . The good thing about it is that it has enabled more people to have the opportunity for health care . However the bad thing is the giveaway to insurance companies which have increased their premiums and prescription drug costs have skyrocketed. Beware the TPP , these big government and corporations moves without the population being well informed of what is involved .

As regards keeping a free- and- open -internet and enacting “net neutrality” by declaring the Internet a “public utility” , Obama knew that there was a female inventor who claims to be the inventor of the modern day Internet. Below is a PDF of her patent application on Accessing Accessibility . She alleges that this is the method when reduced to practice comprises the Internet and that it was stolen by the National Science Foundation in 1990 to build Internet 2, the modern day Internet.

Accessing Accessibility Patent Application

The inventor appealed to President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder early in his administration as she complained that the Patent Office was using discrimination and fraud in handling her patent application . The Obama administration response was to encourage Senators Smith and Leahy to change patent law so as to favor FIRST TO FILE rather than FIRST TO INVENT which would favor the corporations already benefiting from the already formed modern day Internet and would devastate small entities and independent inventors like herself .
More about Hartman’s alleged contribution to Internet
Knowing that the Internet has an inventor who is the owner of the proprietary information whether patented or not – Obama and the FCC ( again deals done in secret ) established its rules regarding Net Neutrality and Public Utility. The inventor would like to know whether this means that the government will declare eminent domain or continue to ignore her ? Constitutional and Civil law regarding property rights are clear . Does the black skin and the health problems of the inventor not make her worth being paid millions perhaps billions of dollars ?

Although Obama is the first black president of this nation , his record on making a change for blacks while in office until now has been abysmal. He has seen more to other special interest groups , like the gay community and immigrants than he has to the plight of blacks who have endured hundreds of years of injustice since slavery in America . He and his Justice Department leader , Eric Holder allowed the U.S.P.T.O. to play ‘politics’ with my patent application , says Inventor without respecting my intellectual property rights .

He has only become active recently because of the determination of young people – many blacks but also other races – to bring the nation’s attention to the plight of blacks through their ongoing ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrations . That and the recent courage shown by the black female District Attorney’s decision to charge Baltimore police with homicide in the death of a young black man who suffered a crushed spine while in their custody has spurred the Obama Administration out of its lethargy regarding the rights of black people .

The Obama Administration which seems to land where the ‘political winds blow’ has become very active lately in pushing for change and programs to improve the treatment of blacks by the criminal justice system . However the plight of this black female inventor whose inventions – not just the invention of the modern day Internet – contribute to billions of dollars pumped into the economy by corporations benefiting from her ideas while she suffers discrimination and abuse remains overlooked. Improvements are needed as well in the civil justice system which because of institutionalized racism deals injustice to Blacks . Obama had 8 years to make more of a difference but did not . These are not the days of Dred Scott and there needs to be change in the justice system when it comes to the rights of Afro-Americans . The TPP will hurt the working classes and the poor .

Although elected in 2008 on a platform of ‘ CHANGE ‘ and ‘ENDING THE WAR’ – Obama’s policies have very much been in line with the administrations preceding him since Reagan . Although he has talked a populist message , his actions have been to appease his opponents in Congress and to empower the government through surveillance and enrich corporations .

There is something very wrong with this apparent success model and that is that it is totally unbalanced and one sided . The rich get richer still while the rest of the population is losing out on what was once the achievable American dream . This is not all the fault of President Obama who for the most part has been handicapped by an unfriendly Republican congress which has undermined his efforts .

His being the first black president has done one thing for those who still do not believe and that is people of African-American descent are as capable of any other race of holding high office and leading a nation . This inventor , however does not appreciate how he has used her intellectual property to enhance his own legacy while denying her rights and opportunity . She alleges that it is not he or the FCC which are inventors of the modern day Internet , but that it is She and she has a right to be credited for it and compensated for it .

The government does not have the right even under its first African-American president to seize property in an illegal regulatory taking without compensating the owner. The inventor alleges that the ruling by the United States Patent and Trademark Office was flawed and facts and evidence regarding her allegations have never been examined . This has led to the illegal regulatory taking of her property – all the acts clouded over by the so called Net Neutrality debate which in all of its forms was camouflage and myth . Proprietary Information or Intellectual Property is like any other kind , tangible or intangible it is defensible under the United States Constitution . The Inventor alleges that the Obama Administration is now poised to exploit her intellectual property on Global Warming entitled Method to Scrub Greenhouse Gases From the Atmosphere , Patent No. 12448310 on which the USPTO has now placed an illegal Hold of Abandonment .

“These acts again based on fraud within the Patent Office are designed to take intellectual property from me and place it into the hands of the government or corporations with more money and resources . Some of these ideas first submitted by me to the National Science Foundation in 1984 as I desired to do research on methods of dealing with acid rain but was turned down . I filed a patent application in 2007 and published in 2008 . Now I am again being denied the opportunity for a patent because of the Patent Office fraudulently removing my application completely from prosecution or the patenting process , says the inventor.”

The Inventor alleges that , “President Obama again making a name for himself while my intellectual property rights are being totally violated . Now that he has so called solved “Net Neutrality” which is a myth from beginning to end because it was smoke and mirrors to hide the furious government workings in the background to deny that the Internet had been invented by a black female – the next big Obama administration project is Climate Change . Using his power to set all of this in place – while essentially allowing the Commerce Department through the USPTO and legislation carried out while my patent applications have been held captive for years – to steal my intellectual property and attribute it to the legacy of the government and corporations without acknowledging me at all . My ideas on global warming have been held back and hidden by the government since I first filed a PCT application in 2007 . I am absofukinlutly furious with these people ! The way they are abusing me and my rights is an outrage .”

The Obama administration initiative on Climate Change can be found here :

Obama’s climate change initiative
U.S. global change research program
21 page report at this link
Global Change Report .

The inventor’s Patent Application #12448310 which was filed in 2007 entitled Method(s) to Scrub Greenhouse Gases from the Atmosphere can be found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website at Patent Office. Locate Public PAIR and enter the application number #12448310 .

The attention to the matter of Climate Change is a good thing as it has already been ignored for too long and it be may already be too late to reverse certain damages to the planet. The Inventor objects to the fact that once again the administration is exploiting her work and contributions and at her expense without acknowledgement and compensation as is still occurring with the Internet .