Intellectual Property down the USPTO “Rabbit Hole”

The black inventor trusted the government submitting to its innovation programs for funding

Further trusted the United States to protect intellectual property

Instead , intellectual property went down the ‘rabbit hole’ in the Patent and Trademark Office so alleges the inventor and CEO of ABFY Sellers Group Inc.

Her inventions and ideas even if credited to others by the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the U.S. Commerce Department have contributed more to the development of this country than any other inventor – even if done in such a way as to exploit he, she alleges . This mass theft of her intellectual property without credit and compensation and no one being held accountable for the violation of her rights is totally unacceptable . Although there is a paper trail from her to federal government employees through the government programs SBIR and the NSF which prove that the ideas regarding commercialization of the Internet came from her and this transformation is what resulted in the modern day Internet – nevertheless the government continues to ignore her property rights and the Obama administration has been complicit with that . Therefore her quest for justice will continue as the Inventor has been bilked of millions , perhaps billions of dollars of potential income because of the racist and repressive acts of her own government regarding her intellectual property . The latest abuse the oppressors seek to take away her home  while the greedy and powerful have stolen her intellectual property without compensation to her .

Fig.1 Infant Auto Seat


Other inventions by Hartman
Other inventions by Hartman

< Fig.2 later Infant Seat





The ugliness of racism and oppression is never as ugly as when billions of dollars and market value is involved . This inventor claims that institutionalized racism is not only deeply imbedded into the fabric of the country – but on some level , Blacks are still thought of as assets and chattel . Being black , female and handicapped the trifecta of disadvantage in a highly racist charged society she alleges that the Patent Office under the Department of Commerce has been instrumental in taking intellectual property from her and redistributing it to others . The inventor alleges that not only was the intellectual property regarding the Internet taken from her and credited to others but there is a list of inventions which have found their way on to the market without compensation to her .

Her greatest disadvantage , of course being financial hardship . However that could have been overcome to a degree had she been funded or properly compensated for her contributions . She could have hired personnel and whatever else she needed to manufacture some of her own ideas or at least research them . Instead her ideas have simply been taken over by the government or big corporations – being rerouted through the patent office . “Robbing from the poor to give to the rich- glorifying others with my ideas , while giving me no respect .”

first introduced in 1998 as the Infant Swaddling Basket Hartman Infant Basket because it introduced the idea of placing newborn infants on a concave surface to prevent accidental rollovers resulting in suffocation which were believed to be one of the causes for deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. The invention was meant to simulate the natural curvature of the womb and to provide a snug and protective environment. The patent was not awarded until 2003 after Hartman was forced to hire a patent attorney who actually did have someone different specs than she had in the original application . The Basket was eventually called the Infant Basket for Side Sleeping Support . The Office kept giving her a hard time about proceeding Pro Se . The concept of using the curved structure to cradle the infant has been widely adopted and manufactured by others throughout the industry. Though introduced by America Invents who were supposedly promoting in her interest – the invention was reviewed by baby furniture manufacturers who simply adapted the padding in their carriers and bassinets to carry the feature .

The idea protected by a patent and presented to the industry in 2003 by America Invents . The Inventor did produce a prototype and again approached the National Science Foundation for funding to build it but was again denied . The fact that the government confiscated the intellectual property regarding the Internet which became wildly successful without compensating her financially has impacted every part of her life and her ability to process other inventions. With funding she could have hired a team and subcontractors to help .

Other inventions include Method(s) for Removal of Greenhouse Gases from the Atmosphere – another project which had it received proper funding and research may have been well on the way to real applications for global warming . Instead the project which has existed since 1984 is now on an illegal HOLD of ABANDONMENT while President Obama and other politicians who have no science background make names for themselves. While President Obama pushes his initiative on Climate Change , once again her patent application is being held up illegally. The government might possibly be involved already in doing ‘spraying’ – using method(s) described in Hartman’s publications . There are rumors of “chemtrails” although it does not appear to be fully known or understood as to exactly what is involved .

Also see at the state of the Inventor’s Patent Application regarding Global Warming , Application #12448310 . This is the same administration which passed a Patent Reform Act in 2011 to give Corporations more rights regarding patents . The law was changed from First to Invent to First to File which favors corporations .” As regards the Internet which is what they were trying to prevent the awarding of the patent to a minority” , alleges Hartman ,” I was First to Invent and First to File . So they got more creative and committed fraud to prevent the awarding of a patent to me .

The Infant Auto Seat with Guards , the sketches of which are shown here was another invention that went down the ‘rabbit hole’ while in the patent office . After self filing a patent application for an Infant Auto Seat with Guards , see Fig.1 in 1998 – I started discussing the idea with three different , but major auto manufacturers supposedly under “patent pending” which was supposed to be protective. What happened was I got responses back stating lack of interest by the manufacturers , but my application disappeared from the patent application docket in the Patent Office causing my patent pending status to disappear. Sometime later a similar infant auto seat was submitted to the Patent Office for a patent , and it was patented but not by me .”

Another invention by Hartman that went down the ‘rabbit hole’ in the patent office is the Airplane Landing Pad with Fire Retardant . You see 2 of the figures from that application shown above . Not all figures are shown in the images of the intellectual property being discussed and some information has been redacted out for privacy purposes .

The prototype of the Infant Basket shown in the images was produced by Hartman. Once again Hartman approached the government through its NSF to obtain funding to manufacture the product . Once again she was declined by the National Science Foundation as it had declined her for the ideas regarding the internet and global warming . America Invents introduced the invention furniture industry in 2003 by America Invents as it showcased the invention. Similar type products are now commonly sold. Hartman’s ideas on infant safety and the internet are all over the economy but she has never been compensated. What is wrong with being declined ? Nothing , except that when the ideas are then credited to others who are given the opportunity to profit from someone else intellectual property . Then that is a problem , especially without compensation or credit to the owner .

Although the Infant Basket is patented – thus far financial hardship has prevented protection of the idea(s). “My comfort is the satisfaction that my creative ideas help billions of people . However , I continue the fight for justice as these wrongs done to me should be righted . I am a human being and not a slave. I should be treated in an appropriate manner . I deserve to be paid for my contributions but because the Country is far from where it should be when it comes to respecting Constitutional Amendments XIII , V , VII , XIV and laws regarding civil rights especially where blacks are concerned – I am being exploited .I used the gifts that I had . This is not my shame , but the shame of this nation which does not know how to go forward from the 19th century and its arrogance regarding White Superiority . Had my skin color been different I would have been dealt with justly. The ugliness of racism , hypocrisy , and greed from the privileged who practice it!

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