Arpanet retired 1989 , Internet 2 in 1990

Modern Day Internet

Internet 1 by Darpa and Internet 2 are not the same and their inventors are not the same , alleges Inventor

Internet history has taken a turn since an African-American insists that she is the inventor of the modern day Internet

Telecom insiders refer to Internet 1 as being the Internet that existed from 1969 through 1989.

The history of Internet ARPANET came to an end in the late ’80’s. The structure definitely changed as the world never heard of the Internet before the early nineties . Dorothy M. Hartman who is a black inventor in anonymity claims that the prior Internet had ended and was retired in a holding place called the NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION NET (NSFnet) until the National Science Foundation received her proposals [ one of those proposals found on this page on the tab above HARTMAN’S 1990 PROPOSAL TO U.S. GOVERNMENT ] on how to transform telecom by making it better . The field of technology changed and improved with many of the same pioneers in technology being involved in the process .

However , Hartman insists that was due to corporate welfare from the U.S. government mostly via the National Science Foundation providing funding and applying her ideas to the previous structures to upgrade them and make them available to business and education on a grander scale . When was the Internet invented? Hartman alleges that the modern day Internet ( after 1990 ) was invented only after her ideas were used by the Federal Government to upgrade the prior telecom structure adapting it for a commercial environment that the modern day Internet emerged . The economic success of the technology took off after her ideas were applied . Yet the Inventor goes unrecognized and uncompensated for an Invention that now extends all over the world and generates trillions of dollars in commercial exchange . Inventor claims rights ignored during Obama Administration

Beginning of Quotefrom a column by Dylan Tweney ( on the web )
(By the way, Cerf really did invent the Internet, or at least the most important part of it: Together with Robert Kahn, Cerf concocted the Internet Protocol [IP] and Transmission Control Protocol [TCP], which, together, underlie nearly all Internet communications. He’s now the chief Internet evangelist for Google.)

Several authoritarian regimes reportedly propose to ban anonymity from the web, making it easier to find and arrest dissidents. Others have proposed moving the responsibilities of the private sector system that manages domain names and Internet addresses to the United Nations. Yet other proposals would require any Internet content provider, small or large, to pay new tolls in order to reach people across borders.

The upshot? The next garage-based phenomena would face a steep and probably insurmountable financial hurdle in its effort to become the next YouTube, Facebook, or Skype – end of Tweny excerpt End of Quote

Modern Day InternetNew Internet in 1993 had to be learned - Modern Day Internet

The Internet was so new in 1993(image above) – that its use had to be learned . Those of you online now with the exception of perhaps 2% of those in the technology community were not online before 1995. According to Opinion by the Circuit Ct. of Appeals regarding Hartman’s Patent Application #11003123 – the impression is that the telecom structure shown above is the current and existing Internet . It is not .

Hartman alleges that even though the technology geniuses Darpa , Vinton Cerf , Robert Kahn and others deserve their just due she is due justice because her ideas are responsible for changes resulting in modern day Internet and made the telecom industry a success . The raw truth is the Internet and Telecom went nowhere until her ideas of how to use cyberspace which was latent in computers from the time they were created in 1969 – in a manner to enhance and increase the capacity of the Internet to carry transactions. Her ideas also included making the technology available to the masses – these changes made the present Internet great and those in the field rich . ” Had I not introduced my ideas on improving telecom and commercialization , the Arpanet or previous Internet would still be retired or none existent “, says Hartman. “Stealing wealthy inventions and just calling it theirs is not good enough. Other inventions allegedly stolen from the inventor here. The pursuit of Justice when it comes to the rights of African-Americans in this country will continue as my rights have been steamrolled over by unjust court rulings because of the color of my skin and the status of my health .”

Modern Day Internet
Modern Day Internet

Modern Day Internet