Judge Dismisses All Claims for Damages to Inventor

” The bigots have torn up my life and my home under the permission of a federal judge

I blame the U.S. government for this and Judges ruling on ethnicity to protect those who deem themselves “above the law” from accountability

The government placed me in this position by disrespecting my IP rights and trying to discredit me regarding my own intellectual property . The case in Philadelphia I would have won had it been allowed to proceed to a jury trial – which is precisely why I believe the judge dismissed the case exactly when the bank(s) were due to respond to a summons which had been issued on my behalf in federal court .

Blatant perjury , and out an out lies as shown by the Record of the case(s) were profusely used to allow a Kangaroo Court in State Court to confiscate my home when I had been paying my mortgage by automatic deduction from my bank account and had a 705 credit rating . The justice system in America is rife with activist judges ruling on ethnicity to protect them and their cronies while dispensing injustice to African- Americans affirmed by a racist justice system . The federal judge in Philadelphia who was supposed to administrate the matter today dropped the case pending in federal court detailing abuse that I have suffered for the past 15 years from racists and a ring of criminals dealing in real estate fraud in a tourist area. Dropping the case on a 16- page order filled with the same erroneous information , throwing out and disregarding evidence and potential witnesses but allowing the illegal confiscation of my home for damages of $331,999.95 – ruling on nepotism protecting cronies and political interests from accountability. The tacit agreement being as long as this injustice is done to a person of dark skin that this is somehow righteous and acceptable behavior . These acts are reprehensible to me because they negate my loss and suffering . They echo slavery and the belief that black people should own nothing .

The most egregious abuses that have been caused to me by the federal government’s theft of my intellectual property has been the abuse to me and the vandalism and damage to me and my property in the city of Philadelphia . After purchasing a home in the Philadelphia area in which there has been a great deal of gentrification in neighborhoods within especially the past 5 or 10 years – I encountered virulent racism and fraud in the purchase of not one but two homes. I previously filed a lawsuit against VIP’s in city government for the treatment and fraud in a prior purchase . They were dismissed with a wrist slap . I bought another home in the same area of South Philadelphia near Penn’s Landing and encountered even worse racism and fraud because the racists and criminals are coddled and not held accountable . Philadelphia is an interesting city and has a lot to offer . However , here even after 400 years and supposedly where it all began – attitudes need to change towards Black People .

For those of you who have Pacer.Gov and Pacer is available to anyone for a small fee ( fee is charged according to the number of documents one views ) – you may view both cases online . The State Case is in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and the Case number is 120202759 . The other Case is 2:13-cv-01909 in the District or Federal Court in Eastern Pa. located in Philadelphia .[The Inventor is appealing the matter in the U.S.Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit , Case No. 15-1318 ,

Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon et al and in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania Case No.3157 EDA 2015

    Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman edited December 31 ,2015 ]

    Falsified- Court -documents
    Independence Hall

    After moving into a tourist area near the infamous “South Street” and “Penns Landing ” on 5th ( blocks south of Independence Hall) The inventor alleges that she encountered a virulent racist real estate fraud ring with ties to the government and the courts . After purchasing a condominium – she alleges that she was defrauded , her condo not maintained , and assaulted with racial epithets . She filed lawsuits against the condominium board which consisted of the Secretary for the Civil Service Commission for the City of Philadelphia, the Realtor who owned the entire condominium complex , and a police captain for the 3rd district. inventor alleges that she became a lightning rod for retaliation . Especially once they learned that she had claimed that she was the inventor who was involved in the invention of the modern day Internet . This resulted in what the inventor alleges is 15 years of abuse of her , her name , and property. The inventor filed a $13,000,000 lawsuit which she says she would have won if a jury had been allowed to hear the case . As egregious and outrageous as the case is- a federal judge who has disqualified himself according to federal laws and statutes regulating the behavior of judges- has thrown the case out of court .Copy (2) of DSCN0142 - Falsified- Court -documents

    Home before Vandalism - Falsified- Court -documents
    Home before Vandalism

    inventor - Falsified- Court -documents's home after vandalism

    The federal judge who has thrown out all of the evidence in the case and preventing any potential witnesses from coming in dismissed the perpetrators from all accountability releasing a 16-page order . The inventor alleges the order is filled with erroneous information . One would have to read her Motions as to the truth of why she brought charges . View the cases at Pacer.gov because the inventor says that because she had been proceeding Pro Se – that allowances were made in the federal docket to allow the case to be perjured and manipulated in such a way as to violate the inventor’s right to Free Speech .

    View the cases for a civics lesson on how and why injustice in the courts is prevalent when it comes to the rights of African – Americans . Pacer.gov is available to anyone for a small fee ( fee is charged according to the number of documents one views ) . You may view both cases on line , the State Case is in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and the Case number is Bank of New York mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman 120202759 . The other Case is 2:13-cv-01909 in the District or Federal Court in Philadelphia is Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon , City of Philadelphia et al .

    Using perjury and violation of federal laws , the defense counsel for the banks which have included Bank of America have forced through a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure which was set up by the banks in order to illegally confiscate the inventor’s home . These are allegations by the inventor and the judgment was handed down on August 31 , 2015 . Inventor alleges that this is in retaliation to her standing up for her civil rights and filing complaints against the bank and troublemakers who resented her retirement and her moving into the neighborhood which instigated the entire mess. She alleges they conspired to provide the banks with scandalous and misleading information when the inventor had applied for a refinance back in 2008 .

    Although the Inventor has appealed the action in State Court , she does not know how closing the case in federal court will affect her appeal.At this time , she is also considering appealing in federal court . The federal judge Paul S. Diamond has dismissed the entire federal case which had an overwhelming amount of evidence and exhibits that showed not only were the perpetrators guilty, alleges the inventor but the judges actions have been what are according to judicial rules and canons completely out of the rules of law .