Inventor Claims Home Was Illegally Confiscated

A fraudulent mortgage foreclosure which from start to finish was a racial attack carried out by bigots involved in real estate fraud and gentrification was instituted and carried out by blatant disregard for both state and federal law both by law enforcement and law administration says the Inventor .

Continued injustice to the Black Inventor who claims that she invented Internet 2

The inventor who did absolutely nothing wrong that she should lose her home says that after filing lawsuits against heavyweight VIP’s with ties to Philadelphia City government and the courts that she was targeted for slandering , harassment, and bullying . Following that her home and automobiles were vandalized. She sued a Realtor , Secretary of the Philadelphia Civil Service Commission and an attorney , and Captain of a Police District for Violation of Fair Trade Practices and Racial Discrimination in their capacity as members of a condominium association board . These people were the board of directors for the condominium association where she purchased a condo . She says that the board members were dismissed from any serious charges by lenient judge(s) – one of whom addressed the Secretary and apologized for him having to come to court – causing her to prevail on a minor charge only.

Since that time and the realization of her going public in 1994 about what she alleges are her contributions to Internet 2 which made its debut in 1990’s , she alleges that besides destroying her private property she has been slandered and libeled. In spite of the fact that the Inventor wrote to several federal agencies referencing the abusive treatment that she was being subjected to by city agencies ( mostly utilities ) within the Civil Service Commission which she alleges some were involved in real estate fraud including HUD and the Comptroller of the Currency – nothing was done to the individuals carrying out the vandalism and extortion of money in bill overpayments.

After city reporting agencies colluded with banks presenting false and scandalous information on her loan application documents to deny her refinancing on her home loan in 2008 , she approached several law administrative agencies including HUD , Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and Governor Corbett’s Office on Consumer Affairs. Nothing was done . Besides being ridiculed and discredited as being the inventor of Internet 2 , it appears another reason for her being denied justice or even law enforcement action against what are high level criminals with ties to city government and the courts was the fact that she had participated in a Commission Report from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Committee on Racial and Gender Bias in its Justice System . She was asked to participate by a black , female judge to provide her experiences within the court which ran from interruption of due process to ignoring subpoenas of the defendant(s) to come to court and she provided information for the report . Above is an image of that 1999 report .

Pennsylvania has been the subject of several justice scandals including Mumia Abu- Jamal whom some consider a political prisoner , the bombing of MOVE a commune of African-Americans in Philadelphia the only known bombing of its own citizens within a city , Kathleen Cane who released racist and pornographic emails circulated among prosecutors and Supreme Court Justices , and until recently after a few thousand were released known as the state with the highest number of Black incarcerations. Public education has not had an approved budget for two years in a row and some students , mostly black reportedly have no schools to attend.

What is an illegal taking of the inventor’s home and the ruining of her name and financial reputation has been carried out in a toxic and systemic way ever since 1994 when she purchased real estate in a very competitive area of town where a considerable number of the perpetrators live . Vigorous gentrification is being carried out and the Inventor claims that the vandalistic attacks on her home and automobiles which were allowed to continue which the police district ( the one over which the Captain mentioned in the lawsuit , treasurer of the condominium association had served ) did absolutely nothing about. She alleges that this and resentment toward her for being a highly educated articulate woman made her a target of hate attacks by racist realtors having a symbiotic relationship with city employees . The destruction of her home as well as slanderous and libelous information furnished to the bank by city reporting agencies to deny her refinancing on mortgage(s) with rates as high as 7.25% is what led to her problems .

Home before Vandalism
Home before Vandalism

The Inventor had maintained a 705 credit rating even after being denied the opportunity to refinance by renting her property out . She alleges ” the racist thugs conspired to have a convicted felon come in trash the home and rob the tenants . This created an 8,000+ interruption in income which caused me to default . Even so within 4 months when I was only in arrears $7111 – the bank would not allow me the opportunity to repair the default . It prevented me from any relief and because of extreme damages and much needed repairs made it difficult to deal with other lenders .”

Inventor Home After Vandalism

The Inventor filed in federal court because of the violations to both her civil and constitutional rights . The federal judge on the case failed to take into account evidence that the Inventor’s civil and constitutional rights are and have been violated . The Inventor alleges that he improperly remanded the case back to State Court and that she has been placed in position of having to fight the portions of the same case in both courts while the federal judge has dismissed all charges against the perpetrators . The inventor has appealed the case in both courts , as it is in State Court that the bank has been allowed to seize her property because evidence is being either ignored and/or withheld in both courts that the case belongs under the jurisdiction of the federal court . The inventor has appealed in both courts and she avows that she deserves her day in court . Thus far the case has been blacked out of mainstream media as were the cases relating to her intellectual property – so that these abuses to her continue under the radar . “Because of institutionalized racism , and the failure by the federal government to credit me for my contributions to the country – giving credit and compensation to others – I am being made a scapegoat by racist criminals and oppression . I am being demonized while the perpetrators are not being held accountable . These are not the worst of their crimes against me but the federal judge dismissed them all- essentially allowing the banks to default on responding to their issued summons to court .”Federal Judge dismisses all charges

For those of you with access to or you can be for a small fee , you can view the process of these particular cases . Right now the inventor is awaiting the opportunity to appeal while the illegal mortgage foreclosure is still being allowed to continue with her home to go up on Sheriff’s sale .You may view both cases on line , the State Case is in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and the Case number is Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman 120202759 . The other Case is 2:13-cv-01909 in the District or Federal Court in Philadelphia is Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon , City of Philadelphia et al . An appeal was filed in Superior Court to challenge the illegal mortgage foreclosure in State Court , Superior Court case no. 3157 EDA 2015 denied an appeal . A Petition for the Allowance of an Appeal was filed with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania on Feb. 3, 2015, Case No. 45 EAL 2016 and the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals , a Notice of Appeal was filed with them shortly after the Federal Judges 20 page Order issued on Oct. 20 , 2015 Case No.15-1318.

The Motions entered by the inventor , Dorothy Hartman give some semblance of the narrative of events surrounding the case . The inventor alleges that these are criminal acts that thus far do not seem to be addressed by the courts . The case although rife with everything from perjury and misapplication of law by officers of the court including elimination and ignoring of evidence is thus far awaiting to be approved for appeal – not even on appeal yet while her home has been listed for a Sheriff Sale .

“This is nothing but the destruction of my home and finances in retaliation against me for standing up for my rights . A public lynching based on illegal actions by big shots with ties to the government and courts and based on nothing except racism , hatred , and oppression carried out by misapplication of the law. I have done absolutely nothing wrong that I should lose my legally purchased home . I am being railroaded and treated for dissent in standing up for my own property rights while the perpetrators- high collar criminals apparently above the law are being coddled. This might as well be Palestine as far as the rights of black people are concerned. Whereas injustice for blacks continues – I want and deserve my day in Court . I am still hopeful for justice.”