The Inventor filed a case in Federal Court in Philadelphia , Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon, City of Philadelphia, Prudential Realtors et al alleging Fraud , Racial and Disability Discrimination , Vandalism and other Counts . The Federal Judge Paul S. Diamond has closed the case .

The Inventor alleges that her civil and constitutional rights are being violated both by the State Court and Federal Court in allowing a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure on her home , with a Sheriff’s Sale scheduled for next month . The inventor alleges that since purchasing property in the older , historical section of Philadelphia that now holds a number of tourist attractions that she has been victimized by racist realtors .

Further she alleges that she has been victimized by municipal corruption and racist court rulings by the Courts that are supportive of the perpetrators . The abuses began in 1994 when she purchased a condominium on the reknown South Street and was subjected to fraud in the purchase , racial epithets and negligence by the Condominium Board in the upkeep of her condo unit . This led to her having to file a lawsuit against the board members who were a realtor , secretary of the Civil Service Commission , and a police captain . Even though the charges were serious , they were treated very leniently by the judges some of whom were their friends . They were dismissed with a wrist slap. She sold the condo and purchased her current home in the same area where she alleges that she has never been able to enjoy the peace of her own home because of harassment by what is a ring of realtors and their symbiotic friends in city government .

From beginning to end she chronicles a history of abuse including reports to the police who did nothing . Nor was anything done in response to her complaints to agencies such as HUD (Housing and Urban Development) and the PHRC ( Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission ). She therefore started reporting to federal agencies including the Comptroller of the Currency and the U.S. Justice Department [ which took no action especially as she had already filed complaints against the government for the theft of her intellectual property ]. However the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency received her complaints and built an archive of her documents . In spite of a history of gross abuses including vandalism of her house and her automobiles – the federal judge Paul S. Diamond who is trending because of his rulings in the following cases Judge rejects immigration case. and Plaintiffs appeal Thalidomide case The Judge threw her case out of court and remanded what she alleges is a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure case back to state court . She alleges that he ignored evidence that the case which includes the fraudulent mortgage foreclosure and other violations belongs in federal court. In State Court it was then forced through “kangaroo court style” with the judges following the misapplication of law by the federal judge and ignoring evidence that a change of venue was appropriate and that the federal court was the proper jurisdiction.

The inventor alleges that the entire experience is one of injustice where even the court rulings have been based on misapplication of law , perjury and the suborning of perjury by court officers , and the delay or denial of Appeals by both the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania , and the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals .

The Inventor alleges that it is just another example of the blatant violation of her civil and constitutional rights while the world watches so to speak , a public lynching of an “uppity female nigra” . Their interpretation of her character after she demanded that the federal government acknowledge her intellectual contributions to the Internet and she alleges that she was defrauded of her rights by the USPTO and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals affirmation of the patent office decision .13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 The case blotted out in mainstream media just as the case regarding the application for patent of the internet was blotted out in the media and masked by the smokescreen of Net Neutrality and Free and Open Internet .

She is neither uppity nor arrogant , just a gifted African-American woman who has used her gifts to help others and been exploited by the powerful , oppressive , and greedy because of the value of her inventions. Thus even taking her home purchased with her 30 years of employment for no reasons other than racial hatred , oppression , and envy of her achievements . Her home is being confiscated for a lot of reasons – hatred against her , protection of others because of their ethnicity and retaliation . Acts and rulings based on Institutionalized Racism . The true perpetrators of crimes against her city employees and realtors with ties to government and the courts- their crimes are being swept under the rug by the continued exploitation of a black disabled woman . How is she guilty of crimes caused by others and swept under the rug by prejudicial rulings? This is the epitome of racism . According to law the proper venue of this case is Federal Court not State Court .

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Home before Vandalism
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The inventor demands a jury trial because she deserves her day in court . The city of Philadelphia and the world have a right to know what those crimes were and who the true perpetrators are . Hartman alleges that she lived always in peace with her neighbors inside of her own home – paying her mortgage from automatic deductions from her bank account . Had the destruction of her home being caused by an act of God or nature or the foreclosure valid , she would not be as upset . THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHY HER HOME SHOULD HAVE BEEN VANDALIZED AND FORECLOSED UPON . THIS IS DUE TO BIGOTS AND CRIMINALS ACTING OUT THEIR OWN HATRED AND ENVY AND A JUDGE ALLOWING THEM TO GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE OF HIS OWN POLITICAL INTERESTS .

“Therefore I want my day in court so that I can get my home and my life back . I worked too hard . I do not nor have I ever deserved this. This kind of blatant racism and injustice should not be allowed- especially by our Courts who are supposed to protect the rights of all .”