Presidential Candidates Debate Racism in U.S.

Team Member and Race

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Even as the ‘corporate approved candidates’ begin to vie and debate for the presidential election in November 2016 , racism practiced against the black American woman who really put technology into motion

Hillary Clinton , the first Woman to be nominated for President of the U.S. as well as Elizabeth Warren a very active Democrat who may be considered as a possible Vice- President debate Donald Trump about Race

A black woman inventor alleges that her claims regarding the invention of Internet 2 have made her a victim of intense racism and discrimination


See Inventor’s testimony before Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences Judges in 2012 here 11003123-11

Dorothy Hartman , a retired Science Teacher , inventor , and founder of ABFY Sellers Group Inc says that her life has been turned into an oppression ‘hell’ . Not only was her patent application for the Accessing Accessibility Method when reduced to practice comprises what is today’s Internet ( invented in 1990 when Hartman’s ideas were applied to the prior telecom network(s) founded by ARPA and pioneered by Vinton and Cerf) – but Hartman alleges that the prior Internet based on the Arpanet was retired in 1989 and parked as the NSFnet . The NSFnet was converted in 1990 into a telecom network that was adapted for commerce . Hartman alleges that the National Science Foundation used her ideas to adapt telecom for Commercialization. Here is a copy of the Accessing Accessibility Abstract found here
AccessingAccessibility Abstract.ApplicationNo.11003123 Although her ideas were thoroughly reviewed by numerous government employees working within the Small Business Innovation Research ( SBIR) Program the National Science Foundation gave credit for her invention to those that had been involved in the Internetting Projects from 1969 through 1989 . Hartman alleges that Internet 2 which debuted around 1993 after Merit Networks and IBM had made changes to NSFnet using Hartman’s model of COMMERCIALIZING TELECOMMUNICATIONS which from its initial installment has revolutionized telecommunications and the way the world does business and is the only Internet known and used by the public . The Internet 2 after Commercialization was added and was first nicknamed by Al Gore as the Information Superhighway became a huge success and is continuing to expand today . While the presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump argue about Racism , Hartman says that she is living it and its toxic and destructive effects and influence .

Although Hartman’s contributions were the most cerebral using creative and intuitive thought to suggest the use of cyberspace as an alternative marketplace – they were the most significant as the Internet would not exist without them . Many within the technology field itself still do not understand how the Internet works . A patent application should never have been necessary. The government knows that she was the originator of these ideas . However patented or not the intellectual property is hers . Yet she has been left out and more than that retaliated against with discriminatory treatment because of speaking out about it. Although her inventions contribute trillions of dollars into the economy as other inventions have been stolen through fraud in the USPTO – she is never compensated but robbed of her property both real and intellectual. The Internet even enables internet innovations by others – she is being left without credit or compensation – essentially treated like a slave .Hartman not only was denied her patent application for the Internet – she says based on pure racism and oppression after the government realized the wealth potential of the new Internet but also claims that her home purchased with 30 years of science teaching is being fraudulently foreclosed upon by local bigots and frauds in Philadelphia acting upon the injustice being handed down by the Barack Obama administration .

The Obama administration , Hartman alleges sacrificed her civil and constitutional rights regarding her intellectual property to the lobbying of huge Internet Corporations that have grown rich and powerful because of the new Internet based on Hartman’s model that enables the use of Cyberspace . Hartman alleges the tech geniuses who were selling computers , inventing mobile phones and writing codes out of their garages and apartments became vastly rich after the Accessing Accessibility method was adopted leading to the sales of their products to billions of customers . The billions of customers and the expansiveness of the Internet is the results of Hartman’s creativity and what enabled ecommerce and technology to become rich . The thanks to her as a result of institutionalized racism and oppression due to the wealth of the Internet has thus far been slander , libel , fraud and court cases resulting in unfair and unjust court rulings . She is hoping to reach out to the present administration through legal representation to request that the immense injustice done to her be undone .