It Starts With An Idea

Barack Obama dismisses contributions to the Internet by Black Inventor

It all begins with ideas and ideas are not race specific so there should be no confusion regarding intellectual property and race 6

Alexander Bell may have built the first telephone but he did not build telephone systems and telephone companies . Marconi invented the telegraph but he did not build telegraphing systems and companies . The point is creativity begets ideas and ideas generally come from individuals . Hartman alleges that not only have her ideas regarding the Accessing Accessibility Process which led to the Internet Patent Application No. 11003123 found on the website but other ideas including the Auto Seat for Infants and Toddlers were stolen from her within the Patent Office itself .

Other inventions by Hartman

Other inventions by Hartman

Ideas for the Infant Basket are actually being borrowed against her wishes she claims because even though she owns the patent on that one – she cannot defend it as it takes millions of dollars to do that .Since trying to protect her intellectual property regarding the Internet she has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight defamation and even the illegal seizure of her home . However even the Opinion written by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals indicates that her claims were about how much the Internet would be improved by her proposals .13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

She asserts that is the reason why she wrote the proposals and that is the reason why she claims that ” The National Science Foundation jumped all over it .” They recognized especially through her proposed use of Cyberspace for various transactions that adding commercial capability which was something that had been frowned upon within the telecom community which had been in existence since its founding days within ARPA – would immensely impact commerce and the economy . This is what her writings did . They opened the eyes of the telecom technological community to the possibilities of what using such a platform which would enable participation by billions to do . They made one very big mistake they left the Inventor out . Barack Obama enlisted democratic senators Smith and Leahy to come up with a new patent law to deny the patent application by the African-American female inventor Dorothy M. Hartman . Inventor alleges that this was all under the guise of net neutrality and free and open internet when the Internet was already free and open for consumers and businesses as proposed in Hartman’s writings . The corporations that charge for access to the Internet are the ISPs ( Internet Service Providers ) , phone and computer makers , and ads on social media . Hartman alleges that her application had already been in the patent office for 4 years ( longer than usual ) before Barack Obama took office . She alleges that he came in deferring to corporations and banks in “bailing out banks”. She alleges that this is what initiated the runaway greed and an economy taken over by oligarchs while at the same time making “populist” speeches. “While providing health care for everyone is a very good thing , the giveaways to insurance companies and pharmaceuticals which raised their premiums and prices made it difficult to maintain. Hopefully the policy will be retained but revised.”

Hartman alleges that right on the heels of her letter to Frank Campo of the U.S. Small Business Administration , images shown here ( Some portions redacted for privacy reasons- click to enlarge images ) 05-21-2015 05;59;26PM
05-21-2015 05;50;58PM that the National Science Foundation made its announcement about Commercialization of the NSFnet and that ANS , a consortium of Merit Networks , IBM , MCI and others had been commissioned to carry out the transformation. This occurred in November 1990 .
05-21-2015 05;39;19PM05-21-2015 05;31;48PM Hartman alleges that this was done to essentially ‘wipe her name’ out of the process and give the transformation credit to those already in the industry . Her documents and correspondence with numerous government employees and her intellectual property ultimately consumed by the National Science Foundation supports her allegations .They went on to develop Internet 2 which has led to big things just as her writings predicted in her writings

    The Feasibility of Accessing Accessibility


This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea .
This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea .
The  use of Accessing Accessibility or preparing the Networks for Commerce led to transition resulting in Internet
The use of Accessing Accessibility or preparing the Networks for Commerce led to transition resulting in Internet

You will not find Hartman’s names on the history pages regarding the Internet but it would not be the first time that African- Americans have not been credited for their inventions or creativity . Although some of them have received patents , Hartman among them as she has received 2 patents they are rarely given the opportunity to prosper from their own creativity We Did It , They Hid It As huge as the Internet has become and still expanding – it is amazingly simple for the big wigs to forget where the ideas originated. The whole world knows that Al Gore did not invent the Internet , but very few people know who did . Also see

“When the National Science Foundation commissioned Merit Networks to Commercialize the NSFNET ( the remaining skeleton of the defunct arpanet ) , the new Internet or Internet 2 was invented and it was invented based on my writings and input to the United States Small Business Administration and two other government agencies . The internet was so new in 1993 that navigating it had to be taught to new users . The public has never used the former Internet based on the Arpanet . The public only knows the use of this Internet as the public never used the previous one begun and invented in 1969 under Darpa New Internet in 1993 had to be learned