Is Justice Blind , Deaf , and Dumb ?

Is Justice Blind , Deaf , and Dumb when it comes to the legal rights of African-Americans ?

Are we dealing with swamp creatures here ?  Or putting it nicely – ‘ just insensitive to the humanity of Blacks ? ‘

African-American inventor seeks a jury trial through the U.S. Supreme Court for fraudulent mortgage foreclosure

In what is probably another unprecedented move , as this inventor’s struggle has been characterized by bizarre court cases Dorothy Hartman has filed a case in the U.S. Supreme Court seeking a jury trial for what she alleges has been a conspiracy of assault carried out against her for standing up in defense of both her real estate and intellectual property . On June 7, 2016 her home was sold in an illegal Sheriff Sale for $275,000 . Her home which had been appraised at $375,000 was taken from her by an illegal mortgage foreclosure when she had been paying her mortgage on time through automatic deduction from her bank account . The home located in an historic portion of Philadelphia near Penn’s Landing and South Street .Judge Dismisses Claims for Damages to Inventor

Hartman alleges that since 1994 after being the first black to purchase in to a condominium complex , the Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association and having to sue the association and its officers for real estate fraud and discrimination that she and her property have been under constant assault . The cases in two courts as she had been advised by the Housing Supervisor with HUD that she would have to sue separately for the fraud and the discrimination :Court Common Pleas, April Term , 1998 No. 1447 ; EDC No. 99-4695 April 2000 , Dorothy Hartman vs. Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association: Dennis Milstein ; John D’Angelo .

There was nothing remarkable about the cases except the gross violations in Due Process being practiced mostly on an ethnic basis. Dennis Milstein aka Howard Milstein as represented in the court case was vice- president of the homeowners’ association but owned the majority of condominiums in the complex but as it turned out may have been owned by the father , Howard Milstein . John D’Angelo president of the association was the Secretary for the Civil Service Commission for the city of Philadelphia . The secretary was Frank Pryor who was Captain of the 3rd District Police for the City of Philadelphia . Hartman alleges that the fraud charge was dismissed because the Court did not enforce the subpoena for the Housing / Roofing Inspector to come to trial . So the trial was forced to proceed without the material witness with the major charges being dropped and an unanimous jury ruling in her favor for a judgment of $8,000 only on the watered down charge of negligence . The Discrimination case in Federal Court was dismissed on Summary Judgment Mr. D’Angelo who is also an attorney participated in writing a brief for dismissal along with their other lawyers .

The Inventor alleges that she was subjected to a lack of maintenance of her unit and signs around the unit with pornographic slurs , the “N” word , “Jesus, face of evil” and other indignities . She moved and purchased a home further south but still in the same zip code . The racist realtors living in the neighborhood as it is a competitive real estate area with the mean price of homes around $400,000 continued to harrass her and so did their friends in city’s civil service commission agencies . Again the fraud was rampant mostly in retaliation for her lawsuits against Milstein , D’Angelo , and Pryor – two of whom were city employees . The participation of city employees to produce fraudulent certification resulted in serious damages to her as there were undisclosed and serious problems regarding the property that should have been disclosed . They , the symbiotic relationship between realtors and city workers who did ‘pay to play’ favors for them bullied her and vandalized her house and automobiles . The 3rd District police did nothing because ” they knew who was involved and refused to investigate “, alleges the Inventor .

Once the source of bigotry and corruption that she had encountered in purchasing the condo on South Street found out that she was an inventor with allegations concerning the Internet – she claims ” It got way worst . The racism and meanness were palpable. I was literally under attack by a lynch mob stemming from realtors associated with the neighbors’ association living in the neigborhood , city employees , and their friends in the Courts . The abuses included throwing trash around the home overcharging on utilities, stripping her cars , flattening tires and the 3rd district police did nothing. Once they found out about her fight for justice with her contributions to the Internet – someone in the top level of the Courts forged derogatory documents regarding the court case Dorothy Hartman vs. Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association . These defamatory documents based on lies were distributed to Lexis.Nexis , a legal commercial database ruining her name and reputation with public documents to discredit her . She is continuing to be blackballed from legal representation by what she alleges to be “illegal court reporting” . ” I was forced to represent myself Pro Se as this defamation to discredit me goes to the top of the Courts . “Therefore whether I cite the law correctly or not , whether or not facts and evidence are substantial in the case – my rights are steamrolled over and I am portrayed as ‘crazy’ for representing myself while they blackball me from representation by a real lawyer . Then I become the scapegoat for crimes committed by frauds and bigots. That is the epitome of racism . I have presented this as a part of my case before the U.S. Supreme Court . I am hoping for justice in this situation “, argues the Inventor .

She continues , “The Bank of America and the Bank of New York Mellon colluded with the defamation to discredit being distributed by Court Reporting to deny me the opportunity to refinance my loan . It was a set-up by corrupt authorities allowed . While the neighbors using a convicted felon who claimed that he ‘grew up in the neighborhood’ to trash my home – causing an $8000 disruption in the flow of my income – the bank would not allow me to fix the default on my mortgage . After the trashing of the home – it took me approximately 3 months to recover from that . When I started asking the bank for the opportunity to cure the default I was in arrears of only $7100 and able to pay . After running up a balance in the arrears of over $70,000 – the Bank demanded to be paid or carry out the fraudulent mortgage foreclose . Because of the trashing of the home by the other perpetrators – the inventor was not in position to deal with other lenders . The destruction of the home amounted to ‘Tortuous Interference’ but the courts ignored all of this . The federal judge , Paul Diamond ignoring evidence to the contrary remanded the case from Federal Court where it belonged to State Court where an In Rem fraudulent mortgage foreclosure was rammed through with a wrongful lawsuit in the wrong court of jurisdiction . The Bank(s) colluding with the city government and the courts in what can only be described as a civil conspiracy to assault me for standing up for my property rights – both with my house and my invention set up the illegal take away of my house ” , says the inventor . “This is about virulent racism and runaway greed and retaliating against me for daring to speak truth to power and oppression .”

Patent Commissioners Letter 05.24.2012

Patent Commissioners Letter 06.19.2012

The entire case and everything having to do with my property rights has been predicated upon jealousy of the achievements of an African-American woman , racial hatred , elitist narcissism , and greed . The Inventor has been subjected to endless and unjust court cases . She has filed this matter with the United States Supreme Court because she alleges that the abuse of the law , violations in lack of Due Process have been overwhelming and that this case concerning the illegal take away of her home where perjury has been allowed on the part of the judge , the defense attorneys , and evidence has been completely disregarded is an affront to the United States Justice System .

Where does Rule of Law end and criminality in the courts begin when oppressing the rights of minorities is one of the questions posed to the Supreme Court in reference to this matter

. This woman says that she has suffered too much for simply being intelligent and helping other people as well as helping herself . She deeply regrets that she ever entrusted such valuable intellectual property to a government with a history of oppressing and holding back the advancement of colored people . What more she is deeply ashamed that this horrendous abuse of her property rights happened under the watch of the first African-American President looking out for the banks and corporations and working against the interests of his own people . She is still hopeful that Justice will prevail . She is hoping that the Supreme Court will issue a Writ of Certiorari in reference to the Opinion of the 3rd Circuit Ct. of Appeals and overrule the district judge which has closed this case with egregious damages in place against her without resolution and relief . Can you believe that she has had to file a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the United States Supreme Court just to get a jury trial on this matter . That is how overwhelming the injustice regarding this case has been . Hartman alleges that the matter has been kept from trial to avoid public disclosure of the many ways that her rights are being violated .

She is hoping for better . The case to be reviewed in conference in January by the Justices of the Supreme Court.[ Bringing this post up to date , the U.S. Supreme Court as it has denied other petitions by Hartman again Denied without Review or Comment a Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the 3rd District Court of Appeals . Hartman alleges that her home was illegally taken using lack of Due Process and illegal rulings with the case being heard in the wrong court of jurisdiction and without a jury trial .


The beginning of Internet 2 - Merit Networks and others commissioned by NSF to prepare telecom for Commerce .
The beginning of Internet 2 – Merit Networks and others commissioned by NSF to prepare telecom for Commerce .

Above is a copy of a letter to the Patent Commissioner by the Inventor . Also a copy of his letter back to her , stating that her patent application for invention of the Internet ( Internet 2 or the modern day Internet ) was being denied because the Internet had been in existence for more than one year when she filed her application . However she was First to Invent and First to File . The one year statute in this case could not be applied because the government had started using the invention or new ideas without public disclosure . See the Notes from a meeting of congress in 1992 which showed that the National Science Foundation (NSF) approved Commercialization of the telecom networks in November 1990 .

Since it would have been a violation of the constitutional rights to the Inventor and there was clear evidence of that the government had used her intellectual property without public disclosure – the United States Patent and Trademark Office could not deny her application No. 11003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process based on the 1 year statute . “Therefore the Patent Office had to get more inventive for its reasons for denial and I still allege that it committed fraud .” The Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit upheld the Patent Office Decision in the following Opinion released in 2013 . “The one good thing that I find about the opinion is that the Court did not rule out that the intellectual property is mine” . 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

Post update : The U.S. Supreme Court Denied Inventor/Petitioner’s Writ of Certiorari to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the Orders of Judge Paul S. Diamond and grant a jury trial in the matter regarding what she alleges was an illegal seizure of her home . The Trump Administration has run on a platform of Rule of Law . The Inventor is hoping for a more just outcome .