Democrats’ Mistake Not Supporting Bernie Sanders

Drain the swamp ?

Dismantling the Office for ethics ?

Does that increase or decrease fraud and corruption ?

From the desk of Dorothy M. Hartman proclaimed inventor of Internet 2

“In my opinion the Democrats only have themselves to blame in losing the election .
They got the analytics wrong . In my brief time on Twitter , I tweeted voluminously to anyone who read the tweets that Bernie Sanders had a better shot at winning the election than Hillary Clinton . The polls even supported that Bernie Sanders had a better chance of defeating Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton but the ‘talking heads’ and the ‘wooden nickels’ would not give him a chance .

Like me many democrats had had enough of the Obama Administration for the past 8 years . It was good to have the first African-American president . Although a lot of us already knew that a black man was just as capable of any other kind to hold the office of the presidency and truly Barack Obama , his wife and daughters are quite attractive and charming . However skin color is not everything and hypocrisy rarely brings positive change .Obama Hypocrisy and Beware the TPP Trojan Horse

Many of us had hoped for real change when Barack Obama took office as Blacks have traditionally been oppressed by previous administrations . Before the present however the Christian principles that went into the making of United States Law were felt – the founding fathers changed the Constitution with the 13th Amendment as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence were signed by signers declaring principles according to natural law which was interpreted as the law of God . Read more at . The Civil War was fought and won by the Union under Abraham Lincoln and influence of the abolishioners – people who upheld morality . Further in modern times , under Lyndon B. Johnson , the Civil Rights Law of 1964 was passed for the advancement of colored people . When it comes to draining the swamp , who and what needs to be drained ? criminality comes in different colors and ethnicities

Unfortunately under the influence of the ultra conservatives and the Rebels forever just underneath the surface – the country has taken a gigantic step backwards – the results yet to be played out or seen . This push back under the rise of fraud and unmitigated greed in capitalism gone awry was wisely garnered by the Republicans under the popularity of Donald Trump created by the mainstream media . By the time the mainstream media tried to control the situation – after all its major influence is by corporations, banks,and really rich oligarchs- it was already too late creating circumstances that even some Republicans are not happy about .

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but by 2012 I had already changed my mind . This due to seeing declines in many areas including the decline of public schools , rise in prison population at the expense of people of color , numerous shootings of black men by police officers , poisoning of water in Flint , Michigan , the decrease in our privacy and civil rights by an Obama administration which cracked down on civil liberties more than even the previous Bush administrations . It seemed President’s Obama’s ideas of change was to come in and try to do a better job than the previous administrations at what they were already doing instead of truly changing anything . He gave over power to the banks and corporations . He absolutely sacrificed my intellectual property rights after all his talk about ‘black girls’ , etc. right down the tubes for the absolute power of his administration and the FCC without so much as a nod of acknowledgement or appreciation for the impact of my contributions . My contributions are the difference between the presence of an Internet and no Internet. This is clear in the history which has been completely overlooked and muddled to screen me out of the process based on intentional discrimination . My brown skin and suffering from a handicap which makes travel difficult for me apparently is reason enough to rob me of the potential of millions of dollars in compensation while deference is made to others of a different gender , skin color , or ethnicity .Rights of Black Inventors and Different Standards Applied to White Men All I ever needed back then in 1990 was support and seed funding to hire a staff to help me. What I need now is recognition and appropriate compensation for damages to me , my inventions and an apology. In other words , Justice .Inventor Sets The record Straight

Patent Commissioners Letter 06.19.2012 to Hartman Use back arrow to return to website after viewing .

Only in an Election year for political expediency and his legacy has he thrown bandaids and fiery speeches towards the multitude of challenges facing African-Americans . For the first 7 years of his presidency President Obama did absolutely nothing of any significance to improve the plight of black people . If there was any question about how he felt about the true advancement of black people – one need only to look at what he allowed to happen with my patent application No. 11003123 for the Accessing Accessibility Process . This is the process that when reduced to practice comprises the modern day Internet . Except for a masked offer through a small business government contract offered too late with no funding and coming after 25 years of missed opportunity to build my own Information Retrieval Service under my prototype Talk Shoppe Inc – there has been nothing to compensate for the value of my inventions. Although I wasFirst to Invent , First to File , the Obama Administration chose Senators Smith and Leahy to try to come up with a change in patent law that would prevent me from what should have been valid awarding of a patent . As it was the denial is based on Patent Office fraud and questionable conclusions . The patent could not be denied on the ‘in practice for more than one (1) year rule ‘ as stated in the Patent Commissioner’s letter above because the invention had been secretly launched ( not publicly disclosed ) in 1990 . That is a clear violation of constitutional rights. See the following minutes from the Science Committee Meeting from the U.S. Congress in 1992 showing exactly when these new ideas were introduced by the National Science Foundation . See the following and note the Decision C made by the National Science Foundation is noted in the 2nd paragraph and the word “invention” is used at the bottom of the page NSFNET CONSORTIUM Use back arrow to navigate back to website. Also see The Takeover by National Science Foundation in November 1990

This administration has kept and perpetrated the attitude that even though I am the true inventor of the greatest invention of the 20th Century and other inventions stolen from me like the Infant Auto Seat , Infant Basket ( bassinet ) comprising trillions of dollars in the American Economy yet I am not good enough to be paid what I am owed . The underlying reasons for this blatant discrimination the color of my skin and so called “crazy” yet others some of them suffering worst afflictions are not robbed of their contributions or intellectual property .Other Inventions Exploited

It was not President Obama , search engines , phone and computer makers , ecommerce sites , nor social sites or internet service providers that are responsible for the
success of the Internet . The greatness of this phenomenon is due directly to my input to the federal government and the use of that input by the National Science Foundation to upgrade and improve the telecommunications network . This is what invented or created Internet 2 and gives it the great expansiveness and success . President Obama sold my rights and my reputation right down the river acting in concert with mainstream media , internet corporations , and banks . It is my ideas of using Cyberspace in which to carry out transactions and giving consumers and businesses access to the technology that invented today’s internet enabling billions to be online.

These are the inventive steps that produced the Internet – the previous Internet based on Darpa and the Arpanet did not have such capacity which is why it was phased out . Not the Clintons or Vice- President Al Gore , but the National Science Foundation taking my ideas and applying them to transform the previous Internet started by Darpa and others into the Information Superhighway later called Internet 2 . These are the reasons why you are online today . Had he treated me with any respect at all in acknowledging my contributions as he saw fit to honor many during his tenure in the White House then the local bigotry which has turned my life upside down and taking my home valued at about $400,000 which I purchased with 30 years of my earnings would not have occurred. While my inventions have enriched commerce and empowered the government with Obama being the first president to order such mass surveillance – yet he has seen fit to totally disrespect me and my achievements which truly impact the nation . His complicity with the inhumane and disrespectful way that I have been treated does not make me a fan. While other contributors have been acknowledged in spite of their disabilities and defects – I have been defamed and viciously exploited including the illegal sheriff sale of my home ; slandering and libeling my name with lies from high places .

The reasons given for denying my patent application by the United States Patent and Trademark Office which has basically been kept from the public do not pass the legal litmus test . Especially in consideration of the numerous and extraordinary long prosecution of the patent application which took 8 years and this inventor’s rights to due process continously denied . One of the most blatant violations in due process was the removal of the 4 original claims of the inventor first submitted to the office in 2004 ( as business methods did not become patenable until after 1999 ) without any legal reasons whatsoever . You can see the 4 original claims here in the Abstract published in 2006 AccessingAccessibility Abstract 2006 The Inventor was not allowed to enter improved drawings- a portion of one , figure 6 made public here for the first time. Fig6

There were blatant violations over an 8 year period and finally a questionable interpretation of supposedly ‘newly written ‘ claims which the inventor was forced to rewrite in 2011-2012 almost 8 years after she had filed . The Inventor was not allowed to edit or improve anything about her application while the patent office continously violated Patent Examining Procedure . Entire patent application without improved drawings , claims illegally removed and replaced under duress and other irregularities that were never given consideration by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals affirming actions by the Accessibility Patent Application

Other abuses this Inventor has been subjected to is extreme persecution after trying to fight back against defamation , slander and libel and the illegal seizure of her home through a deliberate fraudulent mortgage foreclosure set up by powerful agents and agencies with ties to bank fraud , municipal corruption , and prejudicial court rulings . This subjection of the Inventor to powers of oppression caused by Obama and his Attorney General lack of protection for her intellectual property rights deferring to wealthy corporations and banks – Eric Holder’s background . I have been prevented from the services of professional attorneys by vicious lies perpetrated as court reporting to legal database(s)- forcing me to represent myself Pro Se. So even when I get the law right , I am still intentionally discriminated against and robbed of my rights and my property both real and intellectual . I have been continuously subjected to unfair court rulings .Set up for mortgage foreclosure by defamation and vandalism and Racism in the Courts Presently , I have filed with the U.S. Supreme Court for the right to a Jury Trial in the right court of Jurisdiction which is Federal Court regarding the illegal seizure of my home which was a set-up from start to finish of the illegal court proceedings that took my home .

Yes , although I voted for Hillary Clinton as a loyal democrat – it was Bernie Sanders that I supported . He had the vision of what was really needed to bring change to the Country and truly make the Country great again for all of its people . He had enough support from young people and the disenchanted voters who ended up going to Donald Trump to make the difference. The democrats through their dimness , support of banks and corporations and reading the ‘tea leaves all wrong ‘ help set the Country on its present course . What’s done is done . We can only hope that Trump or someone with the help of God will restore America to the values that truly made it a country that at one time was the envy of the world . I have been hurt by fraud and corruption for years . However fraud and lack of morality has become rampant. Someone needs to drain the swamp.”