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Fake news , real news , reel news , propaganda , believe this Internet History. While the draining of the swamp is happening , the real Internet Inventor should receive justice. An African-American invented the Internet. The Internet’s true inventor has been suppressed under the Obama Administration alleges this Inventor.” All I ever asked was that I be treated like a human being and treated fairly .I should have been recognized and compensated appropriately . Instead not only was I not funded , but given no opportunity to bid on my own innovation under the Small Business Innovation program but not given so much as honorable mention. This due to deliberate discrimination of my race and handicap . ”

COMMERCIALIZATION made the Internet new in 1990 . The Internet was so new because of ideas regarding commercialization that the Inventor Hartman alleges were stolen from her that users had to be taught how to use the new Internet around 1993 . That Internet now ruled over by the FCC and federal government does have an inventor whose civil and constitutional rights to property both her home and intellectual property , the Internet Patent Commissioners Letter 06.19.2012 The Patent which Hartman only applied for after years of being rejected and treated unfairly regarding her intellectual property by the U.S. Department of Commerce . The patent application could not be legally denied on the one year rule so she alleges that the Patent Office got more inventive in is patent denial using fraud in its prosecution of the Application . According to the document listed below and to the left it was constitutionally illegal for them to use the one year rule to deny .Patents Constitutionality . Since 2004 when Hartman’s application was filed , she alleges not only a media blackout but the appearance of fraudulent stories regarding telecom history and the internet .

The Inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that under the Obama Administration her intellectual property rights by fraud and unjust court rulings has been deliberately discriminated against and violated . See Patent Application #11003123 on the website USPTO.gov . Even the Federal Appeals Court Opinion upholding the United States Patent and Trademark Office decision to deny a patent for the Accessing Accessibility Process does not deny that Hartman’s writings regarding Commercializing the previous Telecommunications Networks were submitted as method(s) in which to improve the Internet .

Hartman alleges that her ideas were used by the National Science Foundation in 1990 to commission Merit Networks , IBM and other technology companies to indeed Commercialize the telecommunications networks . This was the invention of the modern day Internet in the early 1990’s, not the earlier form of the Internet which had been based on the Arpanet and was not available to consumers

Because of the tremendous success of the Internet which has produced other innovations , inventions , and made those already in the Technology fields very rich – the true inventor who is African American and a disabled woman has had her identity suppressed and been subjected to abuses ” to render me penniless and without the ability to fight against such overwhelming power “. Her plight has been purposely ignored by main steam media subject to corporations. Find out the true story at this blog and its sister blog atHome of Internet 2