Enough Labels , Defamation , and Endless Lies !

Inspite of the labels , “13” , “crazy” , and endless lies , the facts remain the same

The Patents , Patent Applications , and the products speak for themselves .

Yes , I am the inventor of other products that have been ripped off and placed on the market by others because runaway greed saw fit not to pay me for for the world’s greatest invention , the Internet.

U.S. Patent No. 4155343 , Safety Device for Stoves and Ranges
U.S. Patent No. 6553589 , Infant Basket for Side Sleeping Support
U.S. Patent Application No. US11/003,123 Accessing Accessibility Method ,
Published September 7 , 2006
U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/773,092 , Infant Auto Seat with Guards
March 2004 , Self filed patent application 1998
U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/878,310 Airplane Landing Pad with Fire Retardant
U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. Adjustable Infant Bassinet for Side Sleeping Support , March 2007
U.S. Patent Application : Method(s) to Scrub Greenhouse Gases from the Atmosphere
PCT Application 19, March 2007 , No. PCT/US2007/010293

Intellectual Property down the USPTO “Rabbit Hole”

They instead chose to exclude me from the process including ownership or participation , illegal confiscation of my home , destruction of my finances , and defamation of my name and reputation to prevent me from professional representation .
The endless labels , lies , and fraud or deliberate discrimination while my intellectual property rights go ignored is totally unacceptable . I am a human being and citizen of this country . My rights should not be ignored by racism , oppression , and runaway greed . The first and should have been the last to violate my civil and constitutional rights – so anxious to claim the Internet fully for themselves was the Obama Administration . Mr. Obama was still in college when I participated in the development of the Internet in the early 1990’s .

Internet is a Wealth of Innovation while they dirty my name and reputation and illegally take away my home that I purchased with almost 30 years of teaching treating me like I am a slave or less than a human being . This is terribly wrong and although occurring under the radar and abuse of the rule of law – the wrong should be righted .

Yet he worked against my patent application as a small entity when he attained office in 2008 . Even in its opinion to affirm the decision to deny a patent – which may be the popular political decision – the Federal Appeals Court Opinion 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

    does not deny that the intellectual property is mine , patented or not.

Further I am less interested in a patent as it is not feasible that such a phenomenon as the Internet should be ruled over by a person . It was never intended to be so and my writings never suggested such a thing . I filed the application to preserve my legal rights as the author/inventor of the process and legally according to strict patent law justly applied would have been a Prima Facie case as I was First to File and First to Invent even though there were several years between invention and filing .

Inventor Sets The Record Straight

However true history including facts and witnesses support my allegations . The Obama Administration was hypocritical . Although he was the first African-American president he did more for special interest groups than for his own people who have been oppressed in this country for over 400 years . Further even with the rest of the nation – although he preached a populist message – his actions were always friendly to the banks and corporations . I truly hope that the present administration is sincere in its platform that it will back the Rule of Law because it is badly needed .

Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming

I will never be satisfied with the illegal confiscation of my home appraised at $375 ,000 and for which I worked 30 years and the millions of dollars that I should have been paid for my intellectual property which has produced millionaires and billionaires prospering from the Internet while I have been prevented professional representation because of defamation , lies , and corruption . I prefer the Trump administration investigate this matter and address my grievances according to what is fair and just and not based on racism and oppression . The value of a successful Internet was contributed by me – God gave me the ideas . Yet I have been severely persecuted for speaking up about my rights . I do have them both civil and constitutional and I hope that the administration will act accordingly .

Beware the TPP Trojan Horse

Good and grand ideas are usually welcomed and the inventor praised and PAIDexcept in a case where the ideas have come from a black disabled woman and over whom the exceptionalists hold themselves as superior and elitists. In the case of the out and out theft of my intellectual property regarding the Internet or making it easier for corporations to get the intellectual property directly from the Patent Office with other inventions – the arrogance apparently does not extend to stooping to common thievery. Although I always knew that such a grand idea was not something that I could accomplish alone which is why I took it to the government – it is absolutely wrong the way the government or country has responded to me as an inventor . Relating to me as less than a slave – just trying to ignore my presence or humanity . I want to be acknowledged and compensated according to the worth of my invention(s) . I am not asking for the world or to replace any company or agency – just to be treated justly and equitably . Continuing to violate my property rights real estate or intellectual property is absolutely abominable and not something of which the Country can be proud . – the Inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman