Hartman Proposal To Fed.Government 1990

Dorothy M. Hartman , a retired science teacher and Founder of ABFY Sellers Group alleges that she is the inventor of Internet 2 or the modern day Internet .

The Inventor alleges that the invention of Internet 2 began with her submission of three proposals to the United States Federal Government through the Small Business Innovation Research Program . She presented proposals to the U.S. Small Business Administration first in March 1990 and later to the Benjamin Franklin Technology Center and to the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce . Proposals presented to each of these organizations were ultimately viewed by the National Science Foundation which determined funding .

Below is a 30-page copy of one of her proposals – this one submitted to the PA. Department of Commerce in 1990 . She alleges that she submitted similar copies of this proposal to 3 government agencies : U.S. Small Business Administration ; Benjamin Franklin Technology Center ; Pennsylvania Dept. of Commerce .

Hartman’s Proposal

As a result , the National Science Foundation alleges the Inventor used her ideas to commercialize the Nsfnet illustrated here in this document . This led to the invention of Internet 2 , the modern day Internet which is distinctly different from the original internet with its Arpanet backbone


begun by Darpa back in 1969 . It was only after 1990 that the Internet started to really grow , expand , and flourish .The transformation ushered in today’s Internet which can be used by billions .

This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or a computer , but a business idea that created a marriage between technology and commerce .This inventor’s creative ideas through her proposals entitled Accessing Accessibility led to the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea . The Internet was new , sometimes referred to as Internet 2 and people had to be taught how to use it as Hartman’s proposal(s) also taught that allowing ordinary users like customers and businesses to interact with each other would grow commerce . This was really when the modern day Internet began and the true inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman’s intellectual property rights have been unfairly and unjustly denied . The federal government has apparently been granted ownership by default and those that were already in the field of technology were given credit by the Obama Administration with no mention of Ms. Hartman or her ideas that were used to transform a failed telecom network which had been essentially retired .