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This blog is about the invention of the modern day Internet

The Inventor’s websites and videos have been sabotaged by search engines , various web hosts , and even so called security services by some Internet services in order to hide the truth about the true status of the modern day Internet . All meant to enforce a fake Net Neutrality which does not even exist . The Internet was always meant for use by consumers and businesses . That is what the Inventor originally and intentionally designed .Discrimination as it often does obscures the truth . Does it matter ? I would say so as discrimination is the reason the country is losing a grip on intellectual property which was started right here in this country , first through Darpa and later on improvements through Hartman . Her Blogs , Home of Internet 2 and this blog have been kept offline 50% of the time . Errors are replete in the websites . Those that were working out of their garages and apartments to produce technology gadgets before 1990 and are now rich beyond their wildest dreams and the nouveau riche code writers are now trying to deny justice and a living to the woman who is more responsible than anyone else including the government for the presence of today’s internet . However , The truth will not be denied .

It was the Inventor’s ideas to have the public participate in the Internet – not the internet insiders or the federal government .  The prior Internet having been started in 1969 consisted of mini nets called the “internetting projects ” appended to the Arpanet . Mini nets such as Bitnet , Telenet ,  CSnet , and others . See a copy above of one of the Inventor’s proposals to the Federal Government The Internet that they ( Darpa and the original Internet pioneers ) are responsible for is found in the following image 


) You can find out more about the actual history of the MODERN DAY  Internet here in the true Inventor’s blogs . The federal government was the first to lead the way for these attacks on the credibility of the Inventor with its institutionalized racist policies after stealing her intellectual property in 1990 and for the past 25 years oppressing her civil and constitutional rights .” Because of discrimination and through giving away free broadband to different parts of the globe to enrich a few , the U.S. has squandered a precious resource that it never knew how to value , says inventor . Not that I ever had any intention of ‘ruling over it ‘ . It is literally impossible for one person to do that . You need only read my proposal shown on the menu above to know that is not true . It was meant to share with the government ,other businesses , and consumers.” Learn more here Hartman’s Proposal to the Government through the Small Business Innovation and Research Program   . However it was never meant that I should be pushed out of the opportunity to profit from my own invention by racism and arrogance – and the practice of discrimination because of intense greed and abuse of power .

You do not use this logon

Logon To Telenet  ( Logging on to Telenet 1989 )

Aside from the grumpy faced cat , and inside joke of the tech community alluding to the inventor’s love for cats and her nickname while on twitter “Alpha Kitty” and one round brown face when the Narrator says no one particular person invented the Internet – there is no mention of a black inventor . Every technician that ever invented any part of the Internet protocol from email to websites is assumed to be the true inventor and of course those with huge titles like a physicist from Cern alleging he invented the internet ‘ free of charge ‘or worldwide web with his design of a website . To find out who invented the Internet  2, click on the button of the video . It was invented when the National Science Foundation adopted the ideas submitted in Hartman’s proposals of how to improve telecommunications  and commissioned Merit Networks to do so .  From that evolved the Information Superhighway and the rest is history – written history which thus far is incorrect .


or this logout  ( Logging off Telenet 1989 )

Log Off Telenet

The presence and the success of the modern day Internet has not been due to ” Magic” or even to Technology alone . Within this Blog you will find a different perspective on the history of the Internet according to the  black inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman,    Founder of ABFY SELLERS GROUP who claims her invention produced the Internet behind the growth and success of technology and ecommerce . Here you will find the reasons for this inventor’s filing before the United States Supreme Court her allegations of fraud and being robbed not only of her legacy as inventor of Internet 2 or the modern day Internet , but the huge financial losses suffered as a result of what she alleges is intention discrimination by the United States government . Excerpts from a few publications are found below :
Dorothy M. Hartman , retired science teacher , inventor , and entrepreneur alleges that it was her ideas that made the difference in transforming a retired Internet which consisted of “Internetting Projects” into the successful , modern day Internet  first nicknamed the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY .  Commercializing Telecommunications and making a network of computers and phones for online businesses changed the industry in 1990′s making it a success .   This Internet became the Internet of today , a single integrated Internet constituting a worldwide web to which billions of users can be logged into separately and/or simultaneously.  Although her ideas have set ecommerce and technology rocketing all the way to the bank , she still remains in obscurity – the government refusing to pay her or acknowledge her for the use of her intellectual property . The Internet shown in the image above did not exist after 1990 . What made Hartman’s proposals regarding the Internet unique is that she contributed ideas that gave the Internet it’s huge flexibility and expansive features . This is what has made it the phenomenon that it is and highly successful – the tremendous amount of users that it can absorb.


Peer1 used a computer generated map to estimate the numbers of Internet websites – the number is so large.

Resulting in the Internet of today that has billions of websites . The image shows a computer generation of how many websites exist because the number is too large to exist  in the structure  shown as the 1987 structure based on the Arpanet.  Hartman’s writings which proposed using  cyberspace as an alternate marketplace for transactions in which to exchange goods , services , and data can accommodate an infinite number .  However the Internet is not infinite as it is bounded by the use of machines . You must have a computer ( phones , modems, tablets ) to access it .These inventive ideas were proposed by Hartman . Read these blogs and you will know and understand why this side of the Internet ( considered by some to be the greatest invention of modern times )  The true History is being hidden .

Explore documents here within Telecomstraighttalk to see Hartman’s side of this Internet history and note the dates of publication of documents shown. That quality that the modern day Internet has of spreading around the world is not just due to technology and the federal government alone but to the creative ideas of this woman whose ideas set the ” spreading around in motion” revolutionizing commerce and the way the world does business. Although the telecom industry had been around for almost 30 years before her contributions it is improbable that you knew of its existence less more participated in it . The Internet that you know has only been in existence a little over 25 years .Your presence online is due to the intellectual contributions of this woman – yet she has been denied so much as honorable mention by the federal government. The government has grown more powerful and given generous corporate welfare to corporations to prosper but has not compensated or given credit to the inventor . The
Internet was not known or used by the public until after 1990 or what she alleges is the advent of Internet 2 .




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