Is it legal ?

Perhaps it is time to look at the true origins of the Internet and the behavior of the federal government

Trump gives Free Broadband to Rural Areas


Mr. Trump opened another year , 2018 with the federal government continuing its abuse of my constitutional rights by using his executive authority to spread Broadband [ Internet ] into rural areas . This is continued violation of my constitutional rights as they have continued to perjure and forge defamation and attempts to “criminalize” me. A group of rogue judges in Philadelphia has been so overzealous in trying to ‘criminalize’ me for speaking up about my Internet rights as well as my real estate rights that it published blatant lies into Lexis.Nexis and other government agencies piling on with the dirt using their crimes against me violating the Rule of Law . Those crimes by them to me including Fraudulent Mortgage Foreclosure , Medical Malpractice , Defamation , Theft of Intellectual Property , Forced Bankruptcy, Asset Forfeiture , Ruining of Credit Record . As though this deliberate destruction of my life is not enough , through the Pa. Judicial Administration this same group of racist judges acting as a lynch mob prevented me from having an attorney by “blacklisting” me from having an attorney represent me , also unconstitutional. The deliberate ruination of my character , a law-abiding person and a natural born citizen of this country , the Civil Conspiracy by the entire government to allow agents and agencies to use the violation of law to strip me financially , to destroy my name and property was all right and could be done with impunity .


Now what did I do to deserve all this ?  I created an invention which opened the door to information , education , opened commerce , and increased job opportunities and made more inventions by others possible . What did the government do for me in return ?  It’s RECIPROCITY to me to treat me like a piece of ‘shit’ and to ignore my humanity . To violate civil law , constiitutional law , and criminal law so that it can keep illegal control of my intellectual property and reward me with the above devastating events in my life. The Philadelphia local government led by a group of judges ruling on ethnicity and nepotism persecuting a black woman for exercising her civil rights to file lawsuits against Milstein , D’Angelo , and the Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association for Fraud and Discrimination . In spite of the fact that she won the case in the Court of Common Pleas regarding Violation of Fair Trade Practices , based only on a minor charge as the judges themselves fixed the case squashing the subpoena for the Housing Inspector , the material witness to come to court – the judges to protect their corrupt friends have kept the witch hunt going . Once she admitted in deposition in 1997 that she had been involved in the creation of the Internet these judges retaliated by assassinating her character in public records and blacklisted her from being able to hire an attorney .


The government’s greatest errors being the fact that they and law enforcement agencies have vigorously and blatantly used the power of their offices to break the Rule of Law in order to oppress her and keep her from being properly acknowledged and/or compensated for her contributions of Internet 2 which is the modern day internet that debuted in the early 1990’s .  After applying for so called set aside funding that was supposed to be available to minority or women owned businesses that were financially disadvantaged and asking for a grant of $25,000 to $35,000 to get my home based online telecommunication services business off the ground I entered into what has become a deal with the ‘devil’ . I had had a private and happy life . Then I began submitting my innovative ideas to the federal government . Their thanks to me although never said to me in actual words but shown over and over again in unspoken code , ‘you are a worthless nigra and we are not going to pay you a dime ‘ . So with all the power they have they have they have continued to humiliate , abuse , harass, and destroy everything that I worked for and purchased with my own money like my home and automobiles and the building of a good credit rating . They have not yet shown the will to make me whole from the overwhelming damages and suffering they have caused in my life .


So Mr. Trump today by going into rural areas and granting them broadband just as the FCC grants broadband illegally to others is continuing the illegal act of simply the government seizing my intellectual property without my permission and without paying me for the privilege. So yes , I was there when the broadband or modern day Internet were simply ideas , my ideas . I asked for $25,000 . It was not granted and both me and my ideas were basically told to take a hike after they ( the government ) had stolen the ideas through the National Science Foundation using them to transform residual and dead networks from previous telecom to the successful internet of today by patching them up with my innovative ideas .


I asked for their acknowledgement when the Internet was just beginning to bud ( Information Superhighway ) and I was still engaging with different government employees within the Small Business Innovation Program ( SBIR) as I had been instructed to do by the ones turning me down . What I did not know at first is that they had stolen it and had already began the ANS and recruited Merit Networks and IBM in 1990 to begin changing the residual telecom networks by adding what was called by them the T3 tier which was an extra layer which used the protocol that I had introduced in my ideas to commercialize the networks making preparing the networks to be more accessible to ordinary users and therefore increase commerce and improve the economy.


Once I realized that business methods as I was constantly reminded that my ideas were not new technology which is true were patentable after 1999 I contemplated filing the patent application to save my invention from their complete takeover. My ideas were a new way of using existing technology which still made them innovative and inventive because inventions are also based on transformation , changing a thing or method from one state of being to another . When I fully realized after contacting the Department of Commerce that the government was going to continue to ignore me but continue to exploit my invention – I filed the patent application #11,003,123 , first in 2004. There was a tremendous amount of fraud that occurred during the processing of the application . Fraud that was not reviewed by the Federal Circuit Ct. of Appeals when it affirmed the USPTO decision to deny a patent in spite of the fact that I asked for a rehearing as the opinion was flawed . As a Pro Se applicant as I had not been able to hire an Attorney because of the “blacklisting” that was in place by the rogue judges a few of them federal judges in Philadelphia- I did not stand a chance . Further what makes the prosecution of the application further illegal is the use of a patent application by Jafri that was not valid to place a statutory bar that essentially did not exist on the application . All of which makes everything about it unconstitutional .


That in itself is good enough to reopen the patent case .After everything that this government starting with Barack Obama because he is the one that set up the violation of my civil and constitutional rights so that the federal government could seize my intellectual property without acknowledging my position as its inventor . Actually he and the ethnic ruling judges covering crimes for their friends and humiliating me in retaliation for being black and female but ” smarter than they and their corrupt friends were ” set me up to be victimized by criminal acts which continue to this day .So that discrimination and violation of especially the 5th Amendment and the 14th Amendment which stipulates quite clearly that if the government seizes your property and gives it away for the public good , then they must declare Eminent Domain. The government racists and oppressors have made that a joke in this case as clearly the real benefactors of the government’s free use of my property has been to make the technology community and other oligarchs very rich and lining their pockets and the government more powerful while oppressing the rights of the true inventor .


So if now , the Internet has flourished and expanded as I foretold that it would in my proposals to the government which is why the National Science Foundation which had defunct telecom network on its hands jumped all over the opportunity- that is not my fault . Nor is it my fault that they have allowed their debt to me to increase proportionately as the Internet has increased . In the process they have persecuted and sacrificed me . All of it totally unnecessary . At any point the government and especially Barack Obama as I appealed to him could have shown me the decency of acknowledging me . They could have given me an award , a prize , a commendation to say “thank you ” . But no , not only did they steal the invention and give it to people who had run the first Internet or Arpanet which was not successful but they could not grind out a decent way to say “Thank You” to the person who had made it all possible. Perhaps it was but was too restrictive and even prohibited commercial activity – more concerned for its intellectual and military use and by a privileged few in the academic community . So the National Science Foundation took the ideas of the African-American woman gave it to the original internet pioneers as their ‘apparent’ inheritance and left her completely out – even omitting her from the history . True they have allowed the Internet to grow so large now that they shrink even more about compensating me for such a valuable invention and the idea of paying an African American woman great sums of money that could measure in the millions , perhaps billions is no doubt bitter medicine for what can easily be identified as virulent racism . However the Rule of Law demands it.  I am still the true inventor , with the patent application licensing that can be reopened because of the enormous amount of crimes that have been committed by the government to keep illegal control without acknowledging the inventor’s rights as an African American woman .  It is a situation of the government’s especially the Barack Obama’s administration making .


I will continue the fight for justice and recognition . I am a human being , not a thing and at any point these useless leaders could have and can still do the right thing . Instead they chose to hurt and abuse me in the worst kinds of ways . For what ?   Being an inventor ?  That’s ridiculous . No , they did it because I am black , female , and disabled . So for those reasons and inflicting egregious distress when I was already afflicted and their hateful self-aggrandizing ways I am going to hold them accountable. If I am in the position of being a gnat ( tiny fly ) on an elephant’s butt or David like character fighting Goliath so be it .


I have done nothing all my life except teach and help people and unfortunately the Internet is not the only intellectual property which they either stole from me or made accessible to corporations that had more money . Just total exploitation of the goose, me that laid the golden egg, the Internet . The Internet keeps on giving and they keep on abusing me. No , I am not masochistic and do not like punishment . I am just mad as hell !!!  In my opinion one side of the government is no better than the other , because Trump has taken up where Obama left off – abusing my constitutional rights . He went into rural areas now at the beginning of 2018 another year and continued the illegal giveaway of my property without compensation to me . The “Swamp” exists on both sides in Congress . I look and hope to vote for a Bernie Sanders type candidate ( one who believes in the interests of the population ) and will run for office by disconnecting from big money politics . Government corruption is probably higher today than it has ever been in the history of this country , violating the rule of law and overturning institutions and policies which previously made the country great . Is one of Mr. Trump’s words RECIPROCITY ?  Then the mayhem and catastrophe (not God-given) mess that they made of my life in exchange for what I have given them at first , cheerfully mean nothing .  This is not quid pro quo . What is not a secret is everyone knows that it is all about RACE . Had I been white or of some other ethnic group – even female and disabled- it is 100% probable that I would never have been treated in such a manner . Not with all I have given them .



Where is Evidentiary Law ?

Enough !

Where is Justice ?
Where is Justice ?

Enough unlawful court cases that never see the light of day.

Internet Inventor never sees a lawful or public trial.

Dorothy M. Hartman who is the only Internet Inventor with claims to the Internet that are backed by evidence , documents , and potential witnesses says that she continues to suffer from the absence of law in endless court cases where lack of due process is continuously applied . Although corporately owned main stream media continues to black out her story in the press – nevertheless we have known since the Federal Appeals Court ruling in 2013 of this woman’s fight for justice . That opinion although not widely known has been published 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 in which the Court basically affirmed the decision by the Patent Office not to grant a patent .

Hartman alleges that she has never desired to ‘rule over the Internet’. ” I am its inventor and only I know or have known the scope of it and the entire idea is not feasible because of the greatness of it – although I do not agree that it is not patentenable because it represents a transformation from the original and it is attached to the use of machinery and therefore is not indefinite . As for not being in one or two sentences – that could have been remedied had I been given the opportunity to edit my claims which I was not . As a matter of fact my original claims were illegally removed by the Patent Office . It was never intended which is clear in my original proposals and writings that any one person or thing should rule over the Internet . It was always meant to be for businesses and ordinary consumers which was the intent of my writings Inventor’s Proposal in 1990 to change Telecom.

The purpose of filing for a patent was that it was the only way to reserve my legal rights as I had tried since 1990 to work within the system – but have been completely mistreated and denied . It is not bad enough apparently that they rob me of billions of dollars worth of intellectual property that is mine – without so much as a nod in acknowledgment and compensation but they have abused me with the takeover and the illegal seizure of my personal property purchased with a life time of work which is an abuse of law .

Where is the law when it comes to the rights of African-Americans ? Where is integrity and judgment ? How do you distinguish between the lawful and the criminal in what is being accepted as supposedly rulings by a court . Hartman alleges that the numerous court cases in which she has become involved do not pass the legal smell test not only because she alleges to be at the very least one of the inventors of what is one of the greatest inventions in the world – but because she has dared to try and fight back against the perpetrators who unfortunately are led by government . Their crimes against us acceptable since they are being carried out against Blacks , who are apparently according to their superciliousness less than human beings .

Her home which was recently confiscated and sold at Sheriff’s Sale back in June 2016 after being vandalized . She alleges was a result of a Civil Conspiracy among the Courts in Pennsylvania to deny her civil and constitutional rights as none of them would hear an appeal on the matter . She alleges in retaliation to her speaking truth to power and the abuse of that power against the rights of African-AmericansInventor’s home vandalized . “Blatant perjury , and out an out lies as shown by the Record of the court case(s) were profusely used to allow a Kangaroo Court in State Court to confiscate my home when I had been paying my mortgage by automatic deduction from my bank account and had a 705 credit rating .”

The Bank of New York Mellon in a fraudulent scheme that was clearly not a legal In Rem foreclosure but had been manipulated by the Bank of America which previously had denied me a refinance at the time when higher interest rates were being lowered because of actions by the federal government . I filed a complaint against the Bank with the Comptroller of the Currency . There was collusion between the bank(s) and the City of Philadelphia which used negative Court Reporting to libel my name and reputation to set up the illegal take away of my home .

When they filed the illegal mortgage foreclosure in the Court of Common Pleas , Hartman filed her case in federal court hoping that her rights would be protected . However what she alleges was an activist judge , Paul S. Diamond ruled on ethnicity to protect his political interests . The perpetrators who consisted of racist realtors with whom she had to contend from the time she bought real estate in a historic part of Philadelphia and their cronies within city government participating in’pay to play’ schemes in real estate corruption were allowed to get away with their attack on her home and automobiles. This is an abuse of the law . Where is evidentiary law ? Since the nation watched Rodney King be beaten within an inch of his life with so many in the population denying what their own senses saw and detected there is a tendency at least by the Justice System to overlook evidence when dealing with rights concerning Blacks .

An activist judge in Philadelphia who was supposed to administrate the matter in Federal Court which was the proper court of jurisdiction because of the violations of both her civil and constitutional rights by these powerful agencies and which she had reported to federal agencies like the Office of Thrift Supervision , Comptroller of the Currency and Hud completely ignored evidence of federal questions . The judge remanded what the inventor alleges is a phony foreclosure case back to State Court which was the wrong court of jurisdiction so as to force through an illegal mortgage foreclosure that had been manipulated by the power brokers themselves. The inventor alleges that this was an abuse of law .

It was clearly predatory and fraudulent

but it was forced through State Court as a mortgage foreclosure and the sheriff sale held shortly after . Every Pennsylvania Court denied an appeal on the matter . Although the inventor immediately appealed the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court , thus far , the case has not been docketed. The illegal sale occurred in June 2016 and she had filed her objections and appeal to the Supreme Court in July 2016 within the allotted time for an appeal . What is happening with evidence and the law ? Especially when it comes to abuse of the law in cases involving black Americans ? Violations of Federal Rules of Evidence are serious jurisprudence infractions – yet this is not the least of failures in Due Process experienced by the Inventor .

The obvious lack of due process which was allowed by a federal judge – holding the hearing in the wrong court of jurisdiction and further on the date of the hearing the case was moved from the civil court judge to a criminal court judge .” Yet it was the perpetrators who attacked me not me attacking them . They vandalized my automobiles and my house creating an $8,000 interruption in my income which caused me to miss approximately 3 months on my mortgage payments . The trashing and the vandalism done by a convicted felon known by the perpetrators and which the city of Philadelphia refused to lock up or even allow me to file charges against him .

Where is the law when it comes to the rights of African – Americans ?

Within 3 months when the arrears on my mortgage were approximately $7100 I appealed to the Bank of America to allow me the opportunity to repair the default – which the bank refused to do opting instead in its collusion with negative Court Reporting by the City of Philadelphia deliberately libeling me and defaming my character to set up an illegal seizure of my home .

Because I had spoken up about the abuses and even participated in the research done by the Committee for Racial and Gender Bias in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Pa. Supreme Court Committee Report on Racial and Gender Bias in Pa. Justice System
Pa. Supreme Court Committee Report on Racial and Gender Bias in Pa. Justice System
. I had filed charges against city VIP’s for fraud and discrimination in the case of Dorothy Hartman vs. Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association – Dennis Milstein – so I was set up for Retaliation – an illegal set up to take my house without any appeals a part of that persecution . Federal Rules of Evidence repeatedly ignored in court cases and violations in Due Process are the norm rather than exception in the proceedings .

“Further how dare I a Negress to allege contribution to what has become their precious Internet after stealing my ideas in 1990Inventor’s Proposal in 1990 to change Telecom . I am being facetious of course but not really, ” says inventor,” because that and those who consider themselves above the law lies at the core of it all” . The perpetrators were all dismissed by the Federal Judge Paul S. Diamond real lawyer’s judge ? dropped the case in federal court . Dropping the case on a 16- page order issued just as the Banks had been issued summons and were supposed to appear in Court and answer the charges , throwing out and disregarding evidence of federal questions , and potential witnesses but allowing the illegal confiscation of her home for damages of $331,999.95 . The Inventor alleges that these acts by the perpetrators were illegal – and that even those taken by the Court were outside of legal jurisprudence within the U.S. and cry out for justice . The Court(s) have prevented her from legal representation by libel and defamation while allowing blatant abuse of due process. Not only has she been stripped of her property rights but apparently her rights as a citizen and human being .

Where is the law

She is asking the Supreme Court of the United States to review this case .

You can view the cases online at Pacer.Gov. Pacer is available to anyone for a small fee ( fee is charged according to the number of documents one views ) – you may view the cases online . The State Case is in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and the Case number is 120202759 in which the Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman . Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon et al and in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania Case No.3157 EDA 2015 The other Case is 2:13-cv-01909, Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon et al in the District or Federal Court in Eastern Pa. located in Philadelphia .The Inventor is appealed the matter in the U.S.Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit , Case No. 15-1318 , which denied Appeal but granted Summary Judgment in favor of the banks .

More About Internet History

This African- American female inventor alleges that she is the Inventor of Internet 2 or today’s modern INTERNET . For those of you who do not know what Internet 2 is or have never heard of it – this inventor who is a retired science teacher and entrepreneur has a different story to tell other than the one that you may have heard . The Internet 2 was invented when the National Science Foundation commissioned the Merit Networks along with others to commercialize the NSFnet . While science and technology has grown and changed over the years 46 so has the Internet morphing from its previous structure into a network that now extends over the globe , making the world smaller . The inventor alleges that her contributions made the difference but she has been left out . Read her blogs to learn more .1 (8)

The NSFNET or National Science Foundation Net was actually a holding place for what had basically become a defunct telecom network based on the Arpanet . This Internet or what some refer to as Internet 1 had existed from the beginnings of the earliest telecom communications from about 1969 through 1989 when those networks mostly referred to as the Internetting Projects were retired and basically became what was called the NSFnet .

That structure was too rigid and limited to host social media such as Twitter , Facebook , and Instagram . Because of this woman’s vision regarding the use of cyberspace as an alternate marketplace – she alleges that the National Science Foundation used her proprietary information to change the prior telecom structures adapting them for her ideas on Commercialization and thus the new Internet that we know today came into existence . Yet she has not been acknowledged or compensated by the U.S. government which benefits greatly from her contributions .

In 1990 , Hartman a retired science teacher presented to the federal government her ideas of running a business from home using telecommunications , an excerpt present here

This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea .
This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea .
The rest is internet history but thus far not in the internet archive . The Information Superhighway as nicknamed by Al Gore ( whom some credit as having invented the Internet )really took off around 1994 and morphed into what we now call the “Internet” .The Inventor alleges that she has been intentionally discriminated against because of the tremendous success of the invention which has led to trillions of dollars being added into the economy – the nod going to corporations .

The tremendous growth and expansion of the modern day internet or what some refer to as Internet 2 was caused by a transformation in the structure of telecom and how it works . Based on the Hartman model of Accessing Accessibility which is the name that she gave to her proposals – Hartman showed the government that by placing transactions such as the transfer of goods , services ,and , information online would grow Commerce . This inventor was the first to realize that using cyberspace which is latent in computers as an alternate marketplace where transactions could occur would not only be beneficial but profitable . As other aspects of our culture has developed , so has the Internet for the past 25 years but Ms. Hartman has been given no credit only the tech industry .

Hartman says that it denied her funding , but copied her ideas to transform the defunct telecom networks into what is now a successful Internet which is continuing to expand . Although this woman’s contributions are critical to the development of the Internet – being responsible for ‘ how it got so big? ‘ yet she is being squeezed out of the industry. – She filed May 2014 in the Supreme Court for what she alleges are her intellectual property rights . The Supreme Court upheld what the inventor alleges is a flawed opinion by the Appeals Court for the Patent Office to deny patent as she alleges that there are documents and witnesses that should be reviewed as indefiniteness is not really characteristic of the structure which was fully transformed and depends on the use of equipment .That opinion is here 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

There is still a lot to learn about Telecom history .

Black Internet Inventor Seeks End To Exploitation

Black Internet Inventor claims her intellectual property made the Internet a success

Technology and the government did not do it all by themselves


Creativity played a major role without which today’s INTERNET would not exist

Forced to proceed Pro Se , Inventor fights hard in Appellate Court

Dorothy M. Hartman who claims invention of the Internet through changes to Telecom which have resulted in information and multimedia access Internet – alleges that her constitutional and civil rights are being flagrantly violated.  The inventor who is African-American and female complains that she is suffering a huge injustice as her intellectual property is being illegally confiscated by the government with no credit or compensation to her .These changes introduced in her business method proposals to the federal government entitled “Accessing Accessibility” is what created the Information Superhighway or new Internet which debuted in the early ‘90’s leading to use by billions of people online.

The Inventor who has been fighting for her intellectual property rights from the very beginning alleges that because of her race which is African – American and a handicap that evidence and facts have been suppressed and her intellectual property rights “steamrolled over” to maintain the status quo .Whereas she had asked only for appropriate recognition of her rights and appropriate compensation after the government took her ideas to transform telecommunications and gave credit to the fields of Technology and Ecommerce for success of the Internet and no credit to the Inventor – she filed for a patent in 2004.

Copy of Hartman Petition for Writ of CertiorariCopy2 Petition for Writ of CertiorariCopy3 Petition for Writ of Certiorari

She alleges that Patent Application No. 11003123 was illegally denied and that she is being deliberately discriminated against to maintain the status quo. Therefore she is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus to reopen her case, Dorothy M. Hartman vs. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, opinion handed down in May 2013. Even as the Web (which is the Internet across borders) celebrates its 25th birthday and the FCC decides how the portions of the Internet should be meted out amongst powerful corporations – the true inventor of the modern day Internet goes ignored, and is suffering hardship and abuse .

Hartman says her inventions including the Internet were never about get rich quick schemes or any of that but just a natural progression and evolution of her life. She comes from humble beginnings and never imagined herself as ever having to be in this position . She states that this is about respect, recognition, and fairness. Above all, the recognition that she is a human being and a citizen of this country to be afforded equal rights and protections under the law and that involves the ownership of valuable property. She feels her rights should have been recognized long ago. There are laws that state that the government or no one else can just take property, even proprietary information or intellectual property , without compensating the individual from whom the property is seized. Hartman alleges that the federal government seized her intellectual property and accomplished it’s illegal but regulatory taking of her property by denying her a patent on the invention. If it seizes property for the Public Good, then it must declare Eminent Domain. Ignoring a person’s property rights whether tangible or intangible is not constitutional.

If the government having declared itself the de facto owner of the Internet as it is now deciding whether to call it a utility or meting it out for the richest corporations to essentially run it – then it should first deal with the inventor . If the invention is too large for a patent to be awarded – then that should be stipulated by law and not some made up excuse of “indefiniteness” by the Patent Office . The Patent Office’s case to deny a patent is not a prima facie case and in true legal terms – its indefinite argument does not hold water. The Internet is not indefinite because its use is limited by the use of machinery . Both hardware and software are needed to access the Internet. Therefore by definition, it is not indefinite. It is distinctly different from the prior Internet or what was commonly referred to as the “Internetting Projects” which phased out in 1989. Even if the argument of indefiniteness could be legally made, the Inventor is still owed compensation by the federal government because of its theft of her proprietary and legal information which it used to transform and revitalize a failing telecommunications industry – and has refused to acknowledge or compensate her. Hartman is retired Science Teacher, Inventor, and Entrepreneur .For those who find it difficult to believe that a woman who is not an employee of Silicon Valley could claim the invention of the internet which moved technology forward read more at her blog referenced below.

Her Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2014 .