Is it legal ?

Perhaps it is time to look at the true origins of the Internet and the behavior of the federal government

Trump gives Free Broadband to Rural Areas


Mr. Trump opened another year , 2018 with the federal government continuing its abuse of my constitutional rights by using his executive authority to spread Broadband [ Internet ] into rural areas . This is continued violation of my constitutional rights as they have continued to perjure and forge defamation and attempts to “criminalize” me. A group of rogue judges in Philadelphia has been so overzealous in trying to ‘criminalize’ me for speaking up about my Internet rights as well as my real estate rights that it published blatant lies into Lexis.Nexis and other government agencies piling on with the dirt using their crimes against me violating the Rule of Law . Those crimes by them to me including Fraudulent Mortgage Foreclosure , Medical Malpractice , Defamation , Theft of Intellectual Property , Forced Bankruptcy, Asset Forfeiture , Ruining of Credit Record . As though this deliberate destruction of my life is not enough , through the Pa. Judicial Administration this same group of racist judges acting as a lynch mob prevented me from having an attorney by “blacklisting” me from having an attorney represent me , also unconstitutional. The deliberate ruination of my character , a law-abiding person and a natural born citizen of this country , the Civil Conspiracy by the entire government to allow agents and agencies to use the violation of law to strip me financially , to destroy my name and property was all right and could be done with impunity .


Now what did I do to deserve all this ?  I created an invention which opened the door to information , education , opened commerce , and increased job opportunities and made more inventions by others possible . What did the government do for me in return ?  It’s RECIPROCITY to me to treat me like a piece of ‘shit’ and to ignore my humanity . To violate civil law , constiitutional law , and criminal law so that it can keep illegal control of my intellectual property and reward me with the above devastating events in my life. The Philadelphia local government led by a group of judges ruling on ethnicity and nepotism persecuting a black woman for exercising her civil rights to file lawsuits against Milstein , D’Angelo , and the Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association for Fraud and Discrimination . In spite of the fact that she won the case in the Court of Common Pleas regarding Violation of Fair Trade Practices , based only on a minor charge as the judges themselves fixed the case squashing the subpoena for the Housing Inspector , the material witness to come to court – the judges to protect their corrupt friends have kept the witch hunt going . Once she admitted in deposition in 1997 that she had been involved in the creation of the Internet these judges retaliated by assassinating her character in public records and blacklisted her from being able to hire an attorney .


The government’s greatest errors being the fact that they and law enforcement agencies have vigorously and blatantly used the power of their offices to break the Rule of Law in order to oppress her and keep her from being properly acknowledged and/or compensated for her contributions of Internet 2 which is the modern day internet that debuted in the early 1990’s .  After applying for so called set aside funding that was supposed to be available to minority or women owned businesses that were financially disadvantaged and asking for a grant of $25,000 to $35,000 to get my home based online telecommunication services business off the ground I entered into what has become a deal with the ‘devil’ . I had had a private and happy life . Then I began submitting my innovative ideas to the federal government . Their thanks to me although never said to me in actual words but shown over and over again in unspoken code , ‘you are a worthless nigra and we are not going to pay you a dime ‘ . So with all the power they have they have they have continued to humiliate , abuse , harass, and destroy everything that I worked for and purchased with my own money like my home and automobiles and the building of a good credit rating . They have not yet shown the will to make me whole from the overwhelming damages and suffering they have caused in my life .


So Mr. Trump today by going into rural areas and granting them broadband just as the FCC grants broadband illegally to others is continuing the illegal act of simply the government seizing my intellectual property without my permission and without paying me for the privilege. So yes , I was there when the broadband or modern day Internet were simply ideas , my ideas . I asked for $25,000 . It was not granted and both me and my ideas were basically told to take a hike after they ( the government ) had stolen the ideas through the National Science Foundation using them to transform residual and dead networks from previous telecom to the successful internet of today by patching them up with my innovative ideas .


I asked for their acknowledgement when the Internet was just beginning to bud ( Information Superhighway ) and I was still engaging with different government employees within the Small Business Innovation Program ( SBIR) as I had been instructed to do by the ones turning me down . What I did not know at first is that they had stolen it and had already began the ANS and recruited Merit Networks and IBM in 1990 to begin changing the residual telecom networks by adding what was called by them the T3 tier which was an extra layer which used the protocol that I had introduced in my ideas to commercialize the networks making preparing the networks to be more accessible to ordinary users and therefore increase commerce and improve the economy.


Once I realized that business methods as I was constantly reminded that my ideas were not new technology which is true were patentable after 1999 I contemplated filing the patent application to save my invention from their complete takeover. My ideas were a new way of using existing technology which still made them innovative and inventive because inventions are also based on transformation , changing a thing or method from one state of being to another . When I fully realized after contacting the Department of Commerce that the government was going to continue to ignore me but continue to exploit my invention – I filed the patent application #11,003,123 , first in 2004. There was a tremendous amount of fraud that occurred during the processing of the application . Fraud that was not reviewed by the Federal Circuit Ct. of Appeals when it affirmed the USPTO decision to deny a patent in spite of the fact that I asked for a rehearing as the opinion was flawed . As a Pro Se applicant as I had not been able to hire an Attorney because of the “blacklisting” that was in place by the rogue judges a few of them federal judges in Philadelphia- I did not stand a chance . Further what makes the prosecution of the application further illegal is the use of a patent application by Jafri that was not valid to place a statutory bar that essentially did not exist on the application . All of which makes everything about it unconstitutional .


That in itself is good enough to reopen the patent case .After everything that this government starting with Barack Obama because he is the one that set up the violation of my civil and constitutional rights so that the federal government could seize my intellectual property without acknowledging my position as its inventor . Actually he and the ethnic ruling judges covering crimes for their friends and humiliating me in retaliation for being black and female but ” smarter than they and their corrupt friends were ” set me up to be victimized by criminal acts which continue to this day .So that discrimination and violation of especially the 5th Amendment and the 14th Amendment which stipulates quite clearly that if the government seizes your property and gives it away for the public good , then they must declare Eminent Domain. The government racists and oppressors have made that a joke in this case as clearly the real benefactors of the government’s free use of my property has been to make the technology community and other oligarchs very rich and lining their pockets and the government more powerful while oppressing the rights of the true inventor .


So if now , the Internet has flourished and expanded as I foretold that it would in my proposals to the government which is why the National Science Foundation which had defunct telecom network on its hands jumped all over the opportunity- that is not my fault . Nor is it my fault that they have allowed their debt to me to increase proportionately as the Internet has increased . In the process they have persecuted and sacrificed me . All of it totally unnecessary . At any point the government and especially Barack Obama as I appealed to him could have shown me the decency of acknowledging me . They could have given me an award , a prize , a commendation to say “thank you ” . But no , not only did they steal the invention and give it to people who had run the first Internet or Arpanet which was not successful but they could not grind out a decent way to say “Thank You” to the person who had made it all possible. Perhaps it was but was too restrictive and even prohibited commercial activity – more concerned for its intellectual and military use and by a privileged few in the academic community . So the National Science Foundation took the ideas of the African-American woman gave it to the original internet pioneers as their ‘apparent’ inheritance and left her completely out – even omitting her from the history . True they have allowed the Internet to grow so large now that they shrink even more about compensating me for such a valuable invention and the idea of paying an African American woman great sums of money that could measure in the millions , perhaps billions is no doubt bitter medicine for what can easily be identified as virulent racism . However the Rule of Law demands it.  I am still the true inventor , with the patent application licensing that can be reopened because of the enormous amount of crimes that have been committed by the government to keep illegal control without acknowledging the inventor’s rights as an African American woman .  It is a situation of the government’s especially the Barack Obama’s administration making .


I will continue the fight for justice and recognition . I am a human being , not a thing and at any point these useless leaders could have and can still do the right thing . Instead they chose to hurt and abuse me in the worst kinds of ways . For what ?   Being an inventor ?  That’s ridiculous . No , they did it because I am black , female , and disabled . So for those reasons and inflicting egregious distress when I was already afflicted and their hateful self-aggrandizing ways I am going to hold them accountable. If I am in the position of being a gnat ( tiny fly ) on an elephant’s butt or David like character fighting Goliath so be it .


I have done nothing all my life except teach and help people and unfortunately the Internet is not the only intellectual property which they either stole from me or made accessible to corporations that had more money . Just total exploitation of the goose, me that laid the golden egg, the Internet . The Internet keeps on giving and they keep on abusing me. No , I am not masochistic and do not like punishment . I am just mad as hell !!!  In my opinion one side of the government is no better than the other , because Trump has taken up where Obama left off – abusing my constitutional rights . He went into rural areas now at the beginning of 2018 another year and continued the illegal giveaway of my property without compensation to me . The “Swamp” exists on both sides in Congress . I look and hope to vote for a Bernie Sanders type candidate ( one who believes in the interests of the population ) and will run for office by disconnecting from big money politics . Government corruption is probably higher today than it has ever been in the history of this country , violating the rule of law and overturning institutions and policies which previously made the country great . Is one of Mr. Trump’s words RECIPROCITY ?  Then the mayhem and catastrophe (not God-given) mess that they made of my life in exchange for what I have given them at first , cheerfully mean nothing .  This is not quid pro quo . What is not a secret is everyone knows that it is all about RACE . Had I been white or of some other ethnic group – even female and disabled- it is 100% probable that I would never have been treated in such a manner . Not with all I have given them .



Enough Labels , Defamation , and Endless Lies !

Inspite of the labels , “13” , “crazy” , and endless lies , the facts remain the same

The Patents , Patent Applications , and the products speak for themselves .

Yes , I am the inventor of other products that have been ripped off and placed on the market by others because runaway greed saw fit not to pay me for for the world’s greatest invention , the Internet. Instead I have been subjected to defamation and lawlessness .

U.S. Patent No. 4155343 , Safety Device for Stoves and Ranges
U.S. Patent No. 6553589 , Infant Basket for Side Sleeping Support
U.S. Patent Application No. US11/003,123 Accessing Accessibility Method ,
Published September 7 , 2006
U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/773,092 , Infant Auto Seat with Guards
March 2004 , Self filed patent application 1998
U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/878,310 Airplane Landing Pad with Fire Retardant
U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. Adjustable Infant Bassinet for Side Sleeping Support , March 2007
U.S. Patent Application : Method(s) to Scrub Greenhouse Gases from the Atmosphere
PCT Application 19, March 2007 , No. PCT/US2007/010293

Intellectual Property down the USPTO “Rabbit Hole”

They instead chose to exclude me from the process including ownership or participation , illegal confiscation of my home , destruction of my finances , and defamation of my name and reputation to prevent me from professional representation .
The endless labels , lies , and fraud or deliberate discrimination while my intellectual property rights go ignored is totally unacceptable . I am a human being and citizen of this country . My rights should not be ignored by racism , oppression , and runaway greed . The first and should have been the last to violate my civil and constitutional rights – so anxious to claim the Internet fully for themselves was the Obama Administration . Mr. Obama was still in college when I participated in the development of the Internet in the early 1990’s .

Internet is a Wealth of Innovation while they dirty my name and reputation and illegally take away my home that I purchased with almost 30 years of teaching treating me like I am a slave or less than a human being . This is terribly wrong and although occurring under the radar and abuse of the rule of law – the wrong should be righted .

Yet he worked against my patent application as a small entity when he attained office in 2008 . Even in its opinion to affirm the decision to deny a patent – which may be the popular political decision – the Federal Appeals Court Opinion 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

    does not deny that the intellectual property is mine , patented or not.

Further I am less interested in a patent as it is not feasible that such a phenomenon as the Internet should be ruled over by a person . It was never intended to be so and my writings never suggested such a thing . I filed the application to preserve my legal rights as the author/inventor of the process and legally according to strict patent law justly applied would have been a Prima Facie case as I was First to File and First to Invent even though there were several years between invention and filing .

Inventor Sets The Record Straight

However true history including facts and witnesses support my allegations . The Obama Administration was hypocritical . Although he was the first African-American president he did more for special interest groups than for his own people who have been oppressed in this country for over 400 years . Further even with the rest of the nation – although he preached a populist message – his actions were always friendly to the banks and corporations . I truly hope that the present administration is sincere in its platform that it will back the Rule of Law because it is badly needed .

Obama Hypocrisy Overwhelming

I will never be satisfied with the illegal confiscation of my home appraised at $375 ,000 and for which I worked 30 years and the millions of dollars that I should have been paid for my intellectual property which has produced millionaires and billionaires prospering from the Internet while I have been prevented professional representation because of defamation , lies , and corruption . I prefer the Trump administration investigate this matter and address my grievances according to what is fair and just and not based on racism and oppression . The value of a successful Internet was contributed by me – God gave me the ideas . Yet I have been severely persecuted for speaking up about my rights . I do have them both civil and constitutional and I hope that the administration will act accordingly .

Beware the TPP Trojan Horse

Good and grand ideas are usually welcomed and the inventor praised and PAIDexcept in a case where the ideas have come from a black disabled woman and over whom the exceptionalists hold themselves as superior and elitists. In the case of the out and out theft of my intellectual property regarding the Internet or making it easier for corporations to get the intellectual property directly from the Patent Office with other inventions – the arrogance apparently does not extend to stooping to common thievery. Although I always knew that such a grand idea was not something that I could accomplish alone which is why I took it to the government – it is absolutely wrong the way the government or country has responded to me as an inventor . Relating to me as less than a slave – just trying to ignore my presence or humanity . I want to be acknowledged and compensated according to the worth of my invention(s) . I am not asking for the world or to replace any company or agency – just to be treated justly and equitably . Continuing to violate my property rights real estate or intellectual property is absolutely abominable and not something of which the Country can be proud . – the Inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman

How Do You Defeat First To Invent , First To File

” I know what happened because I was there participating in the invention of the Internet , while President Obama in all due respect was in college .”

Patent Commissioners Letter 06.19.2012

Patents Constitutionality

You may ask why there was so much delay between the time that the Inventor filed her writings to government agencies and her actual filing a patent application .  There were several reasons .  She submitted the ideas back and forth through 3 agencies from 1990-1993 because they kept telling her that although each one after reviewing the writings told her that they could not fund her – that she should submit to the next agency to see whether or not it would fund her startup Talk Shoppe Inc . in Information Retrieval .

Altogether she submitted to 3 agencies , the  U. S. Small Business Administration ,  Benjamin Franklin Technology Center in Philadelphia, and the Penna. Dept. of Commerce .  The full submissions to all 3

You can enter Public Pair on the website ,  and enter Application Number #11/003 ,123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process .

agencies are found in her Patent Application on the website . Business Methods or Processes could not be patented until after 1999 with the passage of the America Inventors Act . She first filed in 2004 after finding out about the change in the law , but was told that she would have to refile . The Application was assigned as of March 7 , 2005 . However she also received a letter dated 6/6/6 that her application would take 12 years to prosecute – something unheard of and unusual . The Inventor alleges that she was subjected to all kinds of fraud in the Patent and Trademark Office

including their removing her 4 original claims without justification – not allowed to submit new drawings – ignoring and keeping from the public what she alleges were authentic documents that had been submitted and reviewed by government employees. She was forced to rewrite all of her claims 8 years after filing – not having full opportunity to edit . Below is the full copy of her patent application along with new and improved drawings which she was asked to provide but were never officially entered and made a part of the application ( shown here to the public for the first time ) .

#11/003,123 Patent Application

She alleges that her ideas were hijacked by the government and that her idea became their ideas . Even after holding the application hostage for at least 8 years and trying to change the rules of the game while they held her patent application – not even Senators Leahy and Smith appointed by the Obama Administration could come up with patent ideas that would deny patentability based on the law . Therefore alleges the Inventor , the Patent Office got inventive with manipulations in its prosecution that were fraudulent to come up with reasons to deny the patent . With all due respect to Federal Circuit Ct. of Appeals Judges – some of whom may not even have been sending their own emails at the time- the issues regarding fraud in the Office were not closely reviewed.  In the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Affirmation of the Patent Office Decision, seen here 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1– the Inventor alleges that some of the reasons given lack legal certainty . For example how can an invention be indefinite if it is dependent on machinery and/or hardware . A computer , modem , or phone is absolutely necessary to access the Internet . However the Internet was not invented by these technological gadgets ; they just make the Internet work or accessible . The Internet is actually formed by a network of computers interacting and sharing their cyberspace for the transactions and exchange of goods , ideas , and services which are the ideas submitted by the Inventor .

Before the submission of the Hartman’s ideas , computers were basically used for storage of data . Although databases were growing and some limited communications was available among the military , business , and the academic elite – the public and commerce were missing . Hartman’s proposals presented telecom in such a way as to make it not only commercial by able to absorb tremendous numbers of users by using the cyberspace latent in computers as an alternate marketplace in order to enact transactions . That is what gives the Internet its huge expansive capabilities and led to its growth and success . The letters shown above that were exchanged between the Inventor and the then Patent Commissioner David Kappos says Hartman “Puts things in their place . After this successful Internet became their invention instead of mine and they began to see the wealth and power generated by it as I had presented it in my writings – I and my role in the contribution was thrown off the grid . Even Barack Obama’s hand picked senators could not come up with a fool proof answer to denying the patent application because of constitutional concerns shown in the document below . Therefore since they could not deny based on the one year rule because of the fact that they had published and/or introduced the invention in secrecy and never really acknowledged my participation – there might be constitutional concerns . They did not give me the opportunity to bid on the contract – although obviously I would not have been able to do it without support and considerable funding . I should have been given the opportunity to at least start my own business since I was the initiator of the ideas . Nor was anyone else given the opportunity because everything was done in secret knowing nothing until Al Gore introduced the “Information Superhighway” . Therefore the fraud in the Patent Office became the way to go and to oppress my rights in every way . However this is a great wrong and I am hoping that the present administration will find an appropriate way to right the wrong .” – Inventor Dorothy M. Hartman

Hello world!

Fake news , real news , reel news , propaganda , believe this Internet History. While the draining of the swamp is happening , the real Internet Inventor should receive justice. An African-American invented the Internet. The Internet’s true inventor has been suppressed under the Obama Administration alleges this Inventor.” All I ever asked was that I be treated like a human being and treated fairly .I should have been recognized and compensated appropriately . Instead not only was I not funded , but given no opportunity to bid on my own innovation under the Small Business Innovation program but not given so much as honorable mention. This due to deliberate discrimination of my race and handicap . ”

COMMERCIALIZATION made the Internet new in 1990 . The Internet was so new because of ideas regarding commercialization that the Inventor Hartman alleges were stolen from her that users had to be taught how to use the new Internet around 1993 . That Internet now ruled over by the FCC and federal government does have an inventor whose civil and constitutional rights to property both her home and intellectual property , the Internet Patent Commissioners Letter 06.19.2012 The Patent which Hartman only applied for after years of being rejected and treated unfairly regarding her intellectual property by the U.S. Department of Commerce . The patent application could not be legally denied on the one year rule so she alleges that the Patent Office got more inventive in is patent denial using fraud in its prosecution of the Application . According to the document listed below and to the left it was constitutionally illegal for them to use the one year rule to deny .Patents Constitutionality . Since 2004 when Hartman’s application was filed , she alleges not only a media blackout but the appearance of fraudulent stories regarding telecom history and the internet .

The Inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that under the Obama Administration her intellectual property rights by fraud and unjust court rulings has been deliberately discriminated against and violated . See Patent Application #11003123 on the website . Even the Federal Appeals Court Opinion upholding the United States Patent and Trademark Office decision to deny a patent for the Accessing Accessibility Process does not deny that Hartman’s writings regarding Commercializing the previous Telecommunications Networks were submitted as method(s) in which to improve the Internet .

Hartman alleges that her ideas were used by the National Science Foundation in 1990 to commission Merit Networks , IBM and other technology companies to indeed Commercialize the telecommunications networks . This was the invention of the modern day Internet in the early 1990’s, not the earlier form of the Internet which had been based on the Arpanet and was not available to consumers

Because of the tremendous success of the Internet which has produced other innovations , inventions , and made those already in the Technology fields very rich – the true inventor who is African American and a disabled woman has had her identity suppressed and been subjected to abuses ” to render me penniless and without the ability to fight against such overwhelming power “. Her plight has been purposely ignored by main steam media subject to corporations. Find out the true story at this blog and its sister blog atHome of Internet 2

Democrats’ Mistake Not Supporting Bernie Sanders

Drain the swamp ?

Dismantling the Office for ethics ?

Does that increase or decrease fraud and corruption ?

From the desk of Dorothy M. Hartman proclaimed inventor of Internet 2

“In my opinion the Democrats only have themselves to blame in losing the election .
They got the analytics wrong . In my brief time on Twitter , I tweeted voluminously to anyone who read the tweets that Bernie Sanders had a better shot at winning the election than Hillary Clinton . The polls even supported that Bernie Sanders had a better chance of defeating Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton but the ‘talking heads’ and the ‘wooden nickels’ would not give him a chance .

Like me many democrats had had enough of the Obama Administration for the past 8 years . It was good to have the first African-American president . Although a lot of us already knew that a black man was just as capable of any other kind to hold the office of the presidency and truly Barack Obama , his wife and daughters are quite attractive and charming . However skin color is not everything and hypocrisy rarely brings positive change .Obama Hypocrisy and Beware the TPP Trojan Horse

Many of us had hoped for real change when Barack Obama took office as Blacks have traditionally been oppressed by previous administrations . Before the present however the Christian principles that went into the making of United States Law were felt – the founding fathers changed the Constitution with the 13th Amendment as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence were signed by signers declaring principles according to natural law which was interpreted as the law of God . Read more at . The Civil War was fought and won by the Union under Abraham Lincoln and influence of the abolishioners – people who upheld morality . Further in modern times , under Lyndon B. Johnson , the Civil Rights Law of 1964 was passed for the advancement of colored people . When it comes to draining the swamp , who and what needs to be drained ? criminality comes in different colors and ethnicities Continue reading “Democrats’ Mistake Not Supporting Bernie Sanders”

Is Justice Blind , Deaf ,and Dumb ?

Is Justice Blind , Deaf , and Dumb when it comes to the legal rights of African-Americans ?

Are we dealing with swamp creatures here ?  Or putting it nicely – ‘ just insensitive to the humanity of Blacks ? ‘

African-American inventor seeks a jury trial through the U.S. Supreme Court for fraudulent mortgage foreclosure

Hartman alleges ideas that contributed to the development of the Internet are her ideas

Black female claims internet invention but thus far has been denied a legal trial in a court of law

In what is probably another unprecedented move , as this inventor’s struggle has been characterized by bizarre court cases Dorothy Hartman has filed a case in the U.S. Supreme Court seeking a jury trial for what she alleges has been a conspiracy of assault carried out against her for standing up in defense of both her real estate and intellectual property . On June 7, 2016 her home was sold in an illegal Sheriff Sale for $275,000 . Her home which had been appraised at $375,000 was taken from her by an illegal mortgage foreclosure when she had been paying her mortgage on time through automatic deduction from her bank account . The home located in an historic portion of Philadelphia near Penn’s Landing and South Street .Judge Dismisses Claims for Damages to Inventor

Hartman alleges that since 1994 after being the first black to purchase in to a condominium complex , the Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association and having to sue the association and its officers for real estate fraud and discrimination that she and her property have been under constant assault . The cases in two courts as she had been advised by the Housing Supervisor with HUD that she would have to sue separately for the fraud and the discrimination :Court Common Pleas, April Term , 1998 No. 1447 ; EDC No. 99-4695 April 2000 , Dorothy Hartman vs. Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association: Dennis Milstein ; John D’Angelo .

There was nothing remarkable about the cases except the gross violations in Due Process being practiced mostly on an ethnic basis. Dennis Milstein aka Howard Milstein as represented in the court case was vice- president of the homeowners’ association but owned the majority of condominiums in the complex but as it turned out may have been owned by the father , Howard Milstein . John D’Angelo president of the association was the Secretary for the Civil Service Commission for the city of Philadelphia . The secretary was Frank Pryor who was Captain of the 3rd District Police for the City of Philadelphia . Hartman alleges that the fraud charge was dismissed because the Court did not enforce the subpoena for the Housing / Roofing Inspector to come to trial . So the trial was forced to proceed without the material witness with the major charges being dropped and an unanimous jury ruling in her favor for a judgment of $8,000 only on the watered down charge of negligence . The Discrimination case in Federal Court was dismissed on Summary Judgment Mr. D’Angelo who is also an attorney participated in writing a brief for dismissal along with their other lawyers .

The Inventor alleges that she was subjected to a lack of maintenance of her unit and signs around the unit with pornographic slurs , the “N” word , “Jesus, face of evil” and other indignities . She moved and purchased a home further south but still in the same zip code . The racist realtors living in the neighborhood as it is a competitive real estate area with the mean price of homes around $400,000 continued to harrass her and so did their friends in city’s civil service commission agencies . Again the fraud was rampant mostly in retaliation for her lawsuits against Milstein , D’Angelo , and Pryor – two of whom were city employees . The participation of city employees to produce fraudulent certification resulted in serious damages to her as there were undisclosed and serious problems regarding the property that should have been disclosed . They , the symbiotic relationship between realtors and city workers who did ‘pay to play’ favors for them bullied her and vandalized her house and automobiles . The 3rd District police did nothing because ” they knew who was involved and refused to investigate “, alleges the Inventor .

Once the source of bigotry and corruption that she had encountered in purchasing the condo on South Street found out that she was an inventor with allegations concerning the Internet – she claims ” It got way worst . The racism and meanness were palpable. I was literally under attack by a lynch mob stemming from realtors associated with the neighbors’ association living in the neigborhood , city employees , and their friends in the Courts . The abuses included throwing trash around the home overcharging on utilities, stripping her cars , flattening tires and the 3rd district police did nothing. Once they found out about her fight for justice with her contributions to the Internet – someone in the top level of the Courts forged derogatory documents regarding the court case Dorothy Hartman vs. Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association . These defamatory documents based on lies were distributed to Lexis.Nexis , a legal commercial database ruining her name and reputation with public documents to discredit her . She is continuing to be blackballed from legal representation by what she alleges to be “illegal court reporting” . ” I was forced to represent myself Pro Se as this defamation to discredit me goes to the top of the Courts . “Therefore whether I cite the law correctly or not , whether or not facts and evidence are substantial in the case – my rights are steamrolled over and I am portrayed as ‘crazy’ for representing myself while they blackball me from representation by a real lawyer . Then I become the scapegoat for crimes committed by frauds and bigots. That is the epitome of racism . I have presented this as a part of my case before the U.S. Supreme Court . I am hoping for justice in this situation “, argues the Inventor .

She continues , “The Bank of America and the Bank of New York Mellon colluded with the defamation to discredit being distributed by Court Reporting to deny me the opportunity to refinance my loan . It was a set-up by corrupt authorities allowed . While the neighbors using a convicted felon who claimed that he ‘grew up in the neighborhood’ to trash my home – causing an $8000 disruption in the flow of my income – the bank would not allow me to fix the default on my mortgage . After the trashing of the home – it took me approximately 3 months to recover from that . When I started asking the bank for the opportunity to cure the default I was in arrears of only $7100 and able to pay . After running up a balance in the arrears of over $70,000 – the Bank demanded to be paid or carry out the fraudulent mortgage foreclose . Because of the trashing of the home by the other perpetrators – the inventor was not in position to deal with other lenders . The destruction of the home amounted to ‘Tortuous Interference’ but the courts ignored all of this . The federal judge , Paul Diamond ignoring evidence to the contrary remanded the case from Federal Court where it belonged to State Court where an In Rem fraudulent mortgage foreclosure was rammed through with a wrongful lawsuit in the wrong court of jurisdiction . The Bank(s) colluding with the city government and the courts in what can only be described as a civil conspiracy to assault me for standing up for my property rights – both with my house and my invention set up the illegal take away of my house ” , says the inventor . “This is about virulent racism and runaway greed and retaliating against me for daring to speak truth to power and oppression .”

Patent Commissioners Letter 05.24.2012

Patent Commissioners Letter 06.19.2012

The entire case and everything having to do with my property rights has been predicated upon jealousy of the achievements of an African-American woman , racial hatred , elitist narcissism , and greed . The Inventor has been subjected to endless and unjust court cases . She has filed this matter with the United States Supreme Court because she alleges that the abuse of the law , violations in lack of Due Process have been overwhelming and that this case concerning the illegal take away of her home where perjury has been allowed on the part of the judge , the defense attorneys , and evidence has been completely disregarded is an affront to the United States Justice System .

Where does Rule of Law end and criminality in the courts begin when oppressing the rights of minorities is one of the questions posed to the Supreme Court in reference to this matter

. This woman says that she has suffered too much for simply being intelligent and helping other people as well as helping herself . She deeply regrets that she ever entrusted such valuable intellectual property to a government with a history of oppressing and holding back the advancement of colored people . What more she is deeply ashamed that this horrendous abuse of her property rights happened under the watch of the first African-American President looking out for the banks and corporations and working against the interests of his own people . She is still hopeful that Justice will prevail . She is hoping that the Supreme Court will issue a Writ of Certiorari in reference to the Opinion of the 3rd Circuit Ct. of Appeals and overrule the district judge which has closed this case with egregious damages in place against her without resolution and relief . Can you believe that she has had to file a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the United States Supreme Court just to get a jury trial on this matter . That is how overwhelming the injustice regarding this case has been . Hartman alleges that the matter has been kept from trial to avoid public disclosure of the many ways that her rights are being violated .

She is hoping for better . The case to be reviewed in conference in January by the Justices of the Supreme Court.[ Bringing this post up to date , the U.S. Supreme Court as it has denied other petitions by Hartman again Denied without Review or Comment a Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the 3rd District Court of Appeals . Hartman alleges that her home was illegally taken using lack of Due Process and illegal rulings with the case being heard in the wrong court of jurisdiction and without a jury trial .


The beginning of Internet 2 - Merit Networks and others commissioned by NSF to prepare telecom for Commerce .
The beginning of Internet 2 – Merit Networks and others commissioned by NSF to prepare telecom for Commerce .

Above is a copy of a letter to the Patent Commissioner by the Inventor . Also a copy of his letter back to her , stating that her patent application for invention of the Internet ( Internet 2 or the modern day Internet ) was being denied because the Internet had been in existence for more than one year when she filed her application . However she was First to Invent and First to File . The one year statute in this case could not be applied because the government had started using the invention or new ideas without public disclosure . See the Notes from a meeting of congress in 1992 which showed that the National Science Foundation (NSF) approved Commercialization of the telecom networks in November 1990 .

Since it would have been a violation of the constitutional rights to the Inventor and there was clear evidence of that the government had used her intellectual property without public disclosure – the United States Patent and Trademark Office could not deny her application No. 11003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process based on the 1 year statute . “Therefore the Patent Office had to get more inventive for its reasons for denial and I still allege that it committed fraud .” The Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit upheld the Patent Office Decision in the following Opinion released in 2013 . “The one good thing that I find about the opinion is that the Court did not rule out that the intellectual property is mine” . 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

Post update : The U.S. Supreme Court Denied Inventor/Petitioner’s Writ of Certiorari to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the Orders of Judge Paul S. Diamond and grant a jury trial in the matter regarding what she alleges was an illegal seizure of her home . The Trump Administration has run on a platform of Rule of Law . The Inventor is hoping for a more just outcome .

About Technological Advancement In Business

1989 Mac Computer by Apple
1989 Mac Computer by Apple
1987 Mobile Phone by Motorola
1987 Mobile Phone by Motorola

“Not without creativity first” , says Inventor suffering devastating losses because of actions by the Obama administration

“The Federal Government and the tech community did not do it all by themselves.”

So says retired Science Teacher and black Internet Inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman , “The Internet is stolen intellectual property”

The Internet did not go from this representation

1987 Internet
1987 Internet
Arpanet Logical Map March 1977
Arpanet Logical Map March 1977
to this representation by invention of the mobile phone or computer but by a Business Method marrying business to technology
Computer generated Internet Map by Peer 1 illustrating billions of websites
Computer generated Internet Map by Peer 1 illustrating billions of websites

The race of the inventor has to be mentioned because it is the primary reason why she has been written out of Internet history and technology advancement although her contributions are the driving creativity behind this 20th century invention .The Internet now consists of billions of users all over the world . Technology did not do this all by itself and neither did the Federal Government says Hartman . It is said that Al Gore did not invent the Internet , but nothing is ever said about who did . The Internet did not suddenly appear out of nowhere and it was not a natural extension or evolution of the original “Internetting Projects” under the Arpanet created by Arpa in 1969 .

The present day Internet is a result of changes made to the prior telecom structures retired and parked with the government under the National Science Foundation as the NSFnet . Dorothy M. Hartman , retired Science Teacher and founder of ABFY SELLERS GROUP INC. alleges that her ideas on how to improve Telecommunications were used by the National Science Foundation to Commercialize or set up the residual telecom structures for privitization . This enabled the access of telecommunications for use by businesses and ordinary consumers to transact exchanges of information and services across cyberspace . Hartman’s ideas of using cyberspace which has been inherent in computers since their invention in 1967 as a warehouse or virtual marketplace for exchange is what revolutionized Telecommunications in the 1990’s leading to what was first called the Information Superhighway and later morphing into a seamless Internet structure which can be accessed all over the world and outside of it limited only by the need for the necessary equipment . The virtual marketplace which is really Hartman’s contribution is the center of the Internet’s success . The Internet itself is now responsible for more technological achievements than any other invention in history . The inventor has been completely disrespected and robbed of a considerable fortune because of theft of her intellectual property and violations of her civil rights .

There would be no modern day Internet or terrific technological achievements without her intervention . Hartman’s ideas were truly novel and revolutionary but this woman’s invention and legacy have been taken over by the Federal Government and given over to corporations and public use with no compensation or acknowledgment to her . Hartman says because of her race , gender , and handicap the trifecta of discrimination and exploitation. It is a blatant injustice that needs to be corrected .Computers sold out of garages

1989 Mac Computer by Apple
1989 Mac Computer by Apple
1987 Mobile Phone by Motorola
1987 Mobile Phone by Motorola
Henry T. Sampson -Black Man Who invented the Cell Phone
Henry T. Sampson -Black Man Who invented the Cell Phone
Read more here The Cell Phone turns 40 Read here tagged by some as the so called
Dr. Philip Emeagwali
Dr. Philip Emeagwali
“Father of the Internet ” , a title given to Vinton Cerf as Emeagwali has been recognized for his work with Supercomputers . Dr. Philip Emeagwali built supercomputer

Hartman says that she has not been recognized because President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder sacrificed her intellectual property rights to corporations and banks and that she has been under attack by local corruption and bigotry as a result of the flim-flam politics being carried out during the so called ‘ Free and Open Internet’ debate. She alleges that this was all a smokescreen while out of the media and out of the spotlight her patent application was being denied although she was First to Invent and First to File . She was called “crazy” because she suffers from Panic Disorder a condition suffered by millions of people but hers is complicated by more serious health problems . This used as an excuse to rob her of credit and opportunity while Obama threw his support to all the corporations that have grown rich because of the changes wrought to the Internet and the Banks which he bailed out from the start of his presidency . Other inventions other than the Internet have been robbed from her while her name , reputation , and home have literally been under assault .

Dorothy Hartman , the Inventor wrote the Accessing Accessibility Process (Which is a business method that shows how to use cyberspace in technology and when reduced to practice comprises the Internet ) on a similar model of the Mac Computer shown above. This process revolutionized telecommunications and produces the ever expanding successful Internet of today . Earlier on mobile phones and computers had not met with success until more Internet users and service providers were added after the spurious growth of telecommunications after changes wrought to Internet after 1990. This led to an increase of users on the Internet which led to an increase in the sales of cell phones , mobile phones , computers , and all of the equipment and tools including software to run them :

Internet use dramatically increased after 1990
Graph shows that as the movement of data packets increased with more users , more Internet Providers were needed

It Starts With An Idea

Barack Obama dismisses contributions to the Internet by Black Inventor

It all begins with ideas and ideas are not race specific so there should be no confusion regarding intellectual property and race 6

Alexander Bell may have built the first telephone but he did not build telephone systems and telephone companies . Marconi invented the telegraph but he did not build telegraphing systems and companies . The point is creativity begets ideas and ideas generally come from individuals . Hartman alleges that not only have her ideas regarding the Accessing Accessibility Process which led to the Internet Patent Application No. 11003123 found on the website but other ideas including the Auto Seat for Infants and Toddlers were stolen from her within the Patent Office itself .

Other inventions by Hartman

Other inventions by Hartman

Ideas for the Infant Basket are actually being borrowed against her wishes she claims because even though she owns the patent on that one – she cannot defend it as it takes millions of dollars to do that .Since trying to protect her intellectual property regarding the Internet she has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight defamation and even the illegal seizure of her home . However even the Opinion written by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals indicates that her claims were about how much the Internet would be improved by her proposals .13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

She asserts that is the reason why she wrote the proposals and that is the reason why she claims that ” The National Science Foundation jumped all over it .” They recognized especially through her proposed use of Cyberspace for various transactions that adding commercial capability which was something that had been frowned upon within the telecom community which had been in existence since its founding days within ARPA – would immensely impact commerce and the economy . This is what her writings did . They opened the eyes of the telecom technological community to the possibilities of what using such a platform which would enable participation by billions to do . They made one very big mistake they left the Inventor out . Barack Obama enlisted democratic senators Smith and Leahy to come up with a new patent law to deny the patent application by the African-American female inventor Dorothy M. Hartman . Inventor alleges that this was all under the guise of net neutrality and free and open internet when the Internet was already free and open for consumers and businesses as proposed in Hartman’s writings . The corporations that charge for access to the Internet are the ISPs ( Internet Service Providers ) , phone and computer makers , and ads on social media . Hartman alleges that her application had already been in the patent office for 4 years ( longer than usual ) before Barack Obama took office . She alleges that he came in deferring to corporations and banks in “bailing out banks”. She alleges that this is what initiated the runaway greed and an economy taken over by oligarchs while at the same time making “populist” speeches. “While providing health care for everyone is a very good thing , the giveaways to insurance companies and pharmaceuticals which raised their premiums and prices made it difficult to maintain. Hopefully the policy will be retained but revised.”

Hartman alleges that right on the heels of her letter to Frank Campo of the U.S. Small Business Administration , images shown here ( Some portions redacted for privacy reasons- click to enlarge images ) 05-21-2015 05;59;26PM
05-21-2015 05;50;58PM that the National Science Foundation made its announcement about Commercialization of the NSFnet and that ANS , a consortium of Merit Networks , IBM , MCI and others had been commissioned to carry out the transformation. This occurred in November 1990 .
05-21-2015 05;39;19PM05-21-2015 05;31;48PM Hartman alleges that this was done to essentially ‘wipe her name’ out of the process and give the transformation credit to those already in the industry . Her documents and correspondence with numerous government employees and her intellectual property ultimately consumed by the National Science Foundation supports her allegations .They went on to develop Internet 2 which has led to big things just as her writings predicted in her writings

    The Feasibility of Accessing Accessibility


This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea .
This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea .
The  use of Accessing Accessibility or preparing the Networks for Commerce led to transition resulting in Internet
The use of Accessing Accessibility or preparing the Networks for Commerce led to transition resulting in Internet

You will not find Hartman’s names on the history pages regarding the Internet but it would not be the first time that African- Americans have not been credited for their inventions or creativity . Although some of them have received patents , Hartman among them as she has received 2 patents they are rarely given the opportunity to prosper from their own creativity We Did It , They Hid It As huge as the Internet has become and still expanding – it is amazingly simple for the big wigs to forget where the ideas originated. The whole world knows that Al Gore did not invent the Internet , but very few people know who did . Also see

“When the National Science Foundation commissioned Merit Networks to Commercialize the NSFNET ( the remaining skeleton of the defunct arpanet ) , the new Internet or Internet 2 was invented and it was invented based on my writings and input to the United States Small Business Administration and two other government agencies . The internet was so new in 1993 that navigating it had to be taught to new users . The public has never used the former Internet based on the Arpanet . The public only knows the use of this Internet as the public never used the previous one begun and invented in 1969 under Darpa New Internet in 1993 had to be learned

Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights of Afro-Americans

Black Internet Inventor still struggles for justice for Internet development

Inventor consistently denied a jury trial and justice

Is it just race and criminal justice ?

Black female inventor who claims modern day Internet is her invention alleges unjust court rulings and abuse by the civil justice system

What does a disabled African-American woman have in common with the above intellectual giants ? “Certainly not their accomplishments ” , Hartman is quick to say . Dr. John Nash (left to right ) who was presented by Russell Crowe in the movie , ” A Beautiful Mind” was a nobel prize winner for his mathematical genius useful in economics. Dr. Stephan Hawking is a renown theoretical physicist ( bottom right ). There is no comparison but it suffices to say that all are disabled .

True these gentlemen are among the privileged majority both by their race and gender. Whereas she , an African-American woman has been ridiculed and called “crazy” because her disability includes nervous disorders with other conditions, has been lied about and her character defamed to discredit her allegations . These men are revered and respected for their contributions – their handicaps not withstanding. She has 2 patents and argues that she should have had 2 more , but for the huge success of her ideas including the INTERNET – she has been discriminated against because of her skin color and disability .

Ms. Hartman does not have a doctorate degree but says that she was offered opportunities to pursue both a Doctorate degree as well as to pursue medicine but health problems interfered with severe onset around age 24 . She does not claim to be a genius but she does not deserve to be robbed of her intellectual property and not compensated a dime for it and have her character defamed including the illegal seizure of her house for daring to stand up for her property rights ! She was instrumental in Internet development .

However she argues that she is not “chopped liver” either as she had completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education majoring in Biology and Physical Science from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Science Education majoring in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Pennsylvania . Further her inventions help billions of people although she has not been given any credit . Her work set up by fraud in the patent office to be taken over by corporations and the running over of her rights as a Pro Se litigant as she has literally been prevented from hiring attorneys because of smear and defamation campaigns designed to discredit her .Other Inventions by Hartman She introduced her writings about how to use cyberspace which is latent in computers as an alternative marketplace enabling customers and businesses to interact directly with each other to the U.S. government in 1990 which she alleges the government used to create the Internet . Afterwards , it dismissed her and thus began a policy of abuse including defamation and the illegal taking of her house by racist authorities in the Philadelphia area . and

It has been 26 years since this woman invented the creative ideas that have forever changed the function and character of the Internet– making it possible for it to even extend beyond the boundaries of earth– she is still being disregarded by a government that took the ideas and ran with them without compensating her. “The rules changed when I became involved”, says Inventor.” It generally takes 2-4 years for patent application prosecution I asked to expedite my application when I first filed in 2004– although it was not docketed until 2005. My money was refunded rather than allow me to expedite the application “.Click on images to enlarge them .blog-image-1-request-to-expediteblog-image-2-money-refunded

What about African-American intellect and contributions ? Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that she is as much a part of Internet History as all the other so called founders as she says that’ there would be no internet had it not been for the National Science Foundation ordering the “Commercialization of Telecommunications in 1990. Merit Networks along with IBM was commissioned for this project by the NSF which had been in charge of the NSFNET which really was a holding place for the retired Internet (the one based on having the ARPANET as its core ). Today’s Internet which is different from the previous Internet which had been discontinued but was transformed by the new ideas and the NSF commission to Merit Networks in 1990. Her contributions made Internet Development different enabling a singular integrative system .

She claims that the success with the Internet which began with the transformation to privitization literally began with ideas that she submitted to the federal government starting in 1989 when she visited the Small Business Administration location at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Between this blog and its sister blog at Home of Internet 2, you can learn more about this side of Internet internet development. It is not just Race and the criminal justice system but the civil justice system is a challenge for African- Americans as well especially relating to social , cultural , and intellectual property rights .

Hartman alleges that she was met with resistance from the beginning and as is mostly the case when African-Americans become involved especially in projects which may become well known or successful financially and ‘elitists’ or those who consider themselves ‘superior’ are in competition– the rules are changed.” I was told my patent application would take 12 years their letter to me dated 6/6/6.” See

The change- although her proposals form a paper trail of correspondence between her and federal and state employees reviewing her proposal on Accessing Accessibility which is a business process which marries technology and commerce to business– was received and ideas copied– she essentially has been ignored since. Only after 1999 and the passing of the American Inventor’s Act did business ideas become patentable. The growth of the Internet really began to take off around 2004 as more users and internet service providers increased.2004 increase in internet users 2004-increase-in-internet-users

However because it became a huge success just as she wrote that it would and changed commerce and the way the world does business forever– as success grew and the government funded corporations and other internet protocol companies that were already involved in the field– GREED, RACISM, and OPPRESSION proliferated right along with the Internet. The supposed movement for “Free and open Internet” was nothing more than a smokescreen for companies which have become rich because of the changes in the Internet behind the scenes lobbying against the patent application which was decided 2012-2013. There are billions and trillions of dollars in the industry and in some ways the economy has been run into the ground. Ms. Hartman who is more responsible for the ideas that made today’s internet a success than any other party has been completely ignored since her ideas were read in the 1990’s. She is still seeking Justice as an African-American inventor as she feels that the theft of her intellectual property and legacy is blasphemous as using anyone’s property and trading on that without injuring the person and compensating for that injury is both ethnically and morally wrong. The abuse of power by authorities using systemic racism to abuse the constitutional and civil of African-Americans is fundamentally wrong. “Justice for African-Americans is long overdue.” Injustice involves more than the criminal justice system

Those in Ecommerce and Technology which have now become hugely successful fields did not even understand how today’s Internet which was first dubbed the’ Information Superhighway’ worked. It is only since I started blogging about it around 2011 that those in the industry began to understand how the Internet worked . Even those who built the phones and computers , code , etc. did not invent the concepts of the Internet only used them with proficiency to sell their wares to millions then billions of people , enriching themselves .” ‘ When I realized that the federal government was just going to settle for the Supervisory Taking of my intellectual property (which is a violation under the 14th and 5th amendment) in that they have snatched the property to use for population without declaring Eminent Domain or compensating me , the inventor in anyway I filed for a patent protect my legal rights ).Below is a partial list of state and federal employees associated with SBIR ( Small Business Innovation Research) and other plans associated with funding small businesses who reviewed her proposals – the National Science Foundation being the ultimate recipient of these innovations and funding requests .”blog-images-3-fed-employees-that-reveiwed-proposals My contributions do not include being treated like slave chattel while others enrich themselves from my invention and I go unpaid with my rights forsaken and abused .”

This is wrong and a violation of the Inventor’s civil and constitutional rights. Additionally a local federal judge and the Court(s) have further persecuted her by the illegal seizure of her home– caused by a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure that was allowed to be carried out in the wrong court of jurisdiction.Inventor’s Home Vandalized and Illegally Seized While intellectual contributors or other inventors to inventions or discoveries that have advanced the population– this inventor has been smeared in defamation campaigns and continuously subjected to violations in Due Process. She has filed the matter regarding her illegally confiscated home in the Supreme Court– still hoping for some kind of relief from misapplication of racism, oppression, and law. Cultural and intellectual property rights involve more than just the elites .

Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that she is as much a part of Internet History as all the other so called founders as she says that’ there would be no internet had it not been for the National Science Foundation ordering the “Commercialization of Telecommunications in 1990. Today’s Internet which is different from the previous Internet which had been discontinued but was transformed by the new ideas and the NSF commission to Merit Networks in 1990.

Because it became a huge success just as she wrote that it would and changed commerce and the way the world does business forever– as success grew and the government funded corporations and other internet protocol companies that were already involved in the field– GREED, RACISM, and OPPRESSION proliferated right along with the Internet. The supposed movement for “Free and open Internet” was nothing more than a smokescreen for companies which have become rich because of the changes in the Internet behind the scenes lobbying against the patent application which was decided 2012-2013. The general population deserves to know the full information about internet development and the history of the Internet . American intellectual history shows that inventing is not a game that is limited to those that consider themselves elitists and superiors .

Where is her name in the history of the Internet ?
History says that African-American inventors are good enough , says Hartman

We Did It , They Hid It

Where is Evidentiary Law ?

Enough !

Where is Justice ?
Where is Justice ?

Enough unlawful court cases that never see the light of day.

Internet Inventor never sees a lawful or public trial.

Dorothy M. Hartman who is the only Internet Inventor with claims to the Internet that are backed by evidence , documents , and potential witnesses says that she continues to suffer from the absence of law in endless court cases where lack of due process is continuously applied . Although corporately owned main stream media continues to black out her story in the press – nevertheless we have known since the Federal Appeals Court ruling in 2013 of this woman’s fight for justice . That opinion although not widely known has been published 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 in which the Court basically affirmed the decision by the Patent Office not to grant a patent .

Hartman alleges that she has never desired to ‘rule over the Internet’. ” I am its inventor and only I know or have known the scope of it and the entire idea is not feasible because of the greatness of it – although I do not agree that it is not patentenable because it represents a transformation from the original and it is attached to the use of machinery and therefore is not indefinite . As for not being in one or two sentences – that could have been remedied had I been given the opportunity to edit my claims which I was not . As a matter of fact my original claims were illegally removed by the Patent Office . It was never intended which is clear in my original proposals and writings that any one person or thing should rule over the Internet . It was always meant to be for businesses and ordinary consumers which was the intent of my writings Inventor’s Proposal in 1990 to change Telecom.

The purpose of filing for a patent was that it was the only way to reserve my legal rights as I had tried since 1990 to work within the system – but have been completely mistreated and denied . It is not bad enough apparently that they rob me of billions of dollars worth of intellectual property that is mine – without so much as a nod in acknowledgment and compensation but they have abused me with the takeover and the illegal seizure of my personal property purchased with a life time of work which is an abuse of law .

Where is the law when it comes to the rights of African-Americans ? Where is integrity and judgment ? How do you distinguish between the lawful and the criminal in what is being accepted as supposedly rulings by a court . Hartman alleges that the numerous court cases in which she has become involved do not pass the legal smell test not only because she alleges to be at the very least one of the inventors of what is one of the greatest inventions in the world – but because she has dared to try and fight back against the perpetrators who unfortunately are led by government . Their crimes against us acceptable since they are being carried out against Blacks , who are apparently according to their superciliousness less than human beings .

Her home which was recently confiscated and sold at Sheriff’s Sale back in June 2016 after being vandalized . She alleges was a result of a Civil Conspiracy among the Courts in Pennsylvania to deny her civil and constitutional rights as none of them would hear an appeal on the matter . She alleges in retaliation to her speaking truth to power and the abuse of that power against the rights of African-AmericansInventor’s home vandalized . “Blatant perjury , and out an out lies as shown by the Record of the court case(s) were profusely used to allow a Kangaroo Court in State Court to confiscate my home when I had been paying my mortgage by automatic deduction from my bank account and had a 705 credit rating .”

The Bank of New York Mellon in a fraudulent scheme that was clearly not a legal In Rem foreclosure but had been manipulated by the Bank of America which previously had denied me a refinance at the time when higher interest rates were being lowered because of actions by the federal government . I filed a complaint against the Bank with the Comptroller of the Currency . There was collusion between the bank(s) and the City of Philadelphia which used negative Court Reporting to libel my name and reputation to set up the illegal take away of my home .

When they filed the illegal mortgage foreclosure in the Court of Common Pleas , Hartman filed her case in federal court hoping that her rights would be protected . However what she alleges was an activist judge , Paul S. Diamond ruled on ethnicity to protect his political interests . The perpetrators who consisted of racist realtors with whom she had to contend from the time she bought real estate in a historic part of Philadelphia and their cronies within city government participating in’pay to play’ schemes in real estate corruption were allowed to get away with their attack on her home and automobiles. This is an abuse of the law . Where is evidentiary law ? Since the nation watched Rodney King be beaten within an inch of his life with so many in the population denying what their own senses saw and detected there is a tendency at least by the Justice System to overlook evidence when dealing with rights concerning Blacks .

An activist judge in Philadelphia who was supposed to administrate the matter in Federal Court which was the proper court of jurisdiction because of the violations of both her civil and constitutional rights by these powerful agencies and which she had reported to federal agencies like the Office of Thrift Supervision , Comptroller of the Currency and Hud completely ignored evidence of federal questions . The judge remanded what the inventor alleges is a phony foreclosure case back to State Court which was the wrong court of jurisdiction so as to force through an illegal mortgage foreclosure that had been manipulated by the power brokers themselves. The inventor alleges that this was an abuse of law .

It was clearly predatory and fraudulent

but it was forced through State Court as a mortgage foreclosure and the sheriff sale held shortly after . Every Pennsylvania Court denied an appeal on the matter . Although the inventor immediately appealed the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court , thus far , the case has not been docketed. The illegal sale occurred in June 2016 and she had filed her objections and appeal to the Supreme Court in July 2016 within the allotted time for an appeal . What is happening with evidence and the law ? Especially when it comes to abuse of the law in cases involving black Americans ? Violations of Federal Rules of Evidence are serious jurisprudence infractions – yet this is not the least of failures in Due Process experienced by the Inventor .

The obvious lack of due process which was allowed by a federal judge – holding the hearing in the wrong court of jurisdiction and further on the date of the hearing the case was moved from the civil court judge to a criminal court judge .” Yet it was the perpetrators who attacked me not me attacking them . They vandalized my automobiles and my house creating an $8,000 interruption in my income which caused me to miss approximately 3 months on my mortgage payments . The trashing and the vandalism done by a convicted felon known by the perpetrators and which the city of Philadelphia refused to lock up or even allow me to file charges against him .

Where is the law when it comes to the rights of African – Americans ?

Within 3 months when the arrears on my mortgage were approximately $7100 I appealed to the Bank of America to allow me the opportunity to repair the default – which the bank refused to do opting instead in its collusion with negative Court Reporting by the City of Philadelphia deliberately libeling me and defaming my character to set up an illegal seizure of my home .

Because I had spoken up about the abuses and even participated in the research done by the Committee for Racial and Gender Bias in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Pa. Supreme Court Committee Report on Racial and Gender Bias in Pa. Justice System
Pa. Supreme Court Committee Report on Racial and Gender Bias in Pa. Justice System
. I had filed charges against city VIP’s for fraud and discrimination in the case of Dorothy Hartman vs. Greenwich Walk Homeowners Association – Dennis Milstein – so I was set up for Retaliation – an illegal set up to take my house without any appeals a part of that persecution . Federal Rules of Evidence repeatedly ignored in court cases and violations in Due Process are the norm rather than exception in the proceedings .

“Further how dare I a Negress to allege contribution to what has become their precious Internet after stealing my ideas in 1990Inventor’s Proposal in 1990 to change Telecom . I am being facetious of course but not really, ” says inventor,” because that and those who consider themselves above the law lies at the core of it all” . The perpetrators were all dismissed by the Federal Judge Paul S. Diamond real lawyer’s judge ? dropped the case in federal court . Dropping the case on a 16- page order issued just as the Banks had been issued summons and were supposed to appear in Court and answer the charges , throwing out and disregarding evidence of federal questions , and potential witnesses but allowing the illegal confiscation of her home for damages of $331,999.95 . The Inventor alleges that these acts by the perpetrators were illegal – and that even those taken by the Court were outside of legal jurisprudence within the U.S. and cry out for justice . The Court(s) have prevented her from legal representation by libel and defamation while allowing blatant abuse of due process. Not only has she been stripped of her property rights but apparently her rights as a citizen and human being .

Where is the law

She is asking the Supreme Court of the United States to review this case .

You can view the cases online at Pacer.Gov. Pacer is available to anyone for a small fee ( fee is charged according to the number of documents one views ) – you may view the cases online . The State Case is in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and the Case number is 120202759 in which the Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman . Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon et al and in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania Case No.3157 EDA 2015 The other Case is 2:13-cv-01909, Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon et al in the District or Federal Court in Eastern Pa. located in Philadelphia .The Inventor is appealed the matter in the U.S.Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit , Case No. 15-1318 , which denied Appeal but granted Summary Judgment in favor of the banks .