Fake news , real news , reel news , propaganda , believe this Internet History. While the draining of the swamp is happening , the real Internet Inventor should receive justice. An African-American invented the Internet. Your multimedia access as a consumer was made possible by the contributions of this American whose identity is hidden. The Telecommunications community biggest secret is that the Internet was invented by a black woman !

Make no mistake . There are two Internets the first one Internet 1 , based on the Arpanet was invented in 1969 and retired in 1989 alleges the Inventor . The prior Internet was parked and housed as NSFNET under the National Science Foundation . The Inventor Hartman alleges that her ideas were used in 1990 to transform the prior networks into Internet 2 , first nicknamed the Information Superhighway by then Vice- President Al Gore . Her prototype startup online business Talk Shoppe Inc. was presented as her filing of the innovative ideas of how to bring business and consumers in contact with each other in order to dramatically increase commerce . Her ideas were seized upon by the government even as she and her startup were dismissed without support and funding.

Meanwhile the Internet became the success that Hartman said that it would producing a successful Internet that was totally different from the former one in its ability to allow billions of users online simultaneously or separately . Those already in the industry were given credit for her invention and also given opportunity to profit from it while she has been robbed of her intellectual property and even persecuted in her personal life for standing up for her property rights . Her ideas taught the use of cyberspace as an alternative marketplace and doing transactions in cyberspace exchanging goods , data , and services . These inventive ideas by Hartman which were innovative at the time are what produced the Internet which is capable of serving the world and beyond . These innovative concepts are the reasons for the change from an unprofitable Internet which was closed down to one that now is continuing to expand around the world . Hartman alleges that her ideas were gobbled up by the National Science Foundation under the Department of Commerce but that she was denied History and the opportunity to even bid as a contractor on her own innovative ideas and further denied grants or even loans . Instead she has been subjected to injustice and abuse of both her civil and constitutional rights . These abuses omitted from the media and the press so as to continue the suppression of the truth about the invention of the Internet.

The identity of the Internet’s true inventor has been suppressed under the Obama Administration who was more supportive of banks and corporations. Also as it turns out he took legal steps to protect major corporations over small entities or individual inventors as Hartman. Her complaint is that Fraud was practiced through the illegal prosecution of her patent application as it was necessary for her to file to protect her intellectual property after being unable to find any satisfaction for her grievances through direct correspondence with the agents and agencies involved .

The Inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that under the Obama Administration her intellectual property rights by fraud and unjust court rulings she has been deliberately discriminated against because of her minority status as an African-American woman and her disability . See Patent Application #11003123 on the website USPTO.gov and bookmark this blog to join her in Justice Watch .